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How will a long period of absence due to depression affect my chances of employment in the future?

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JenniferYellowHat1980 Tue 05-Jan-16 14:58:35

My guess is, badly.

I'm a teacher and started a new job in September. In the interests of full disclosure I was also signed off last summer from a different job but for similar reasons. I have now resigned but have to work 13 weeks notice. I don't feel capable of doing this.

My DM is terminally ill and is currently in hospital. There is still hope for an experimental course of treatment but only if she recovers. She is separated and although she has my brothers at home, she doesn't have the support of a spouse. I'm her next of kin and we're very close.

I have really struggled to get a handle on behaviour at my new school, to the point where I've been sworn at and had something thrown at me (same incident). The pressures of ridiculously high target grades and kids who simply can't be bothered is awful.

I asked about compassionate leave before the break. Because the relationship is a parent I am only entitled to five days. I now feel that I simply can't cope. I will fall apart if I have to deal with shitty behaviour (definitely unavoidable).

If I end up not going back, how is this likely to impact on my ability to get a job later in the year? I'm not comtemplating it until at least after the summer and it will definitely be something far less pressures (and lower paid) than teaching.

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