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I don't like new job...

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feathers Sun 03-Jan-16 14:49:57

I was made redundant in October and luckily it only took me 4 weeks to find a new job. I live in a small town with hardly any jobs advertised and because of my kids still being at primary school, I can't look for work further away. But, there's a horrible atmosphere in my new office, with some people always moaning in corners and complaining and it's a low paid stressful job!
I have always enjoyed working with my customers, getting to know them and being really helpful but one of the ladies I work with is rude and argumentative and we have clashed with our personalities. She has already complained about me to our manager and I've only been there a few weeks. She has called a meeting with the rest of the admin staff and manager to discuss things this week. I've always got on with everyone else I work with and I get on with the rest of the staff there.
I've already started looking for a new job, but so far there are none in our town.
For the time being, I am taking one day at a time in my current job, but if it gets worse, I will resign.
My question is, should I include it on my CV and mention it at any interviews? Many thanks

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