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Hate my boss, considering going freelance...

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Anonymum40 Thu 31-Dec-15 17:06:13

I work part time for a v small company with a very domineering boss. He is the admin/ accounts/ HR and management of the company so there is no-one else to turn to if you have a problem. But the main problem I have is with him. I hate his sexist attitude, his slightly bullying persona, his awful sense of humour, the fact he can't hold a normal conversation just uses his staff as an audience for all his 'hilarious' stories...

I also can't stand the awful cramped, unhygienic office (for example, one toilet used by 12 - cleaned once a week...)

I can't face going back on Monday. He has me on a 3 month notice period and I am considering jacking it in (as I will still be there till March even then!)

I could do freelance work from home (graphic design), I'm just nervous about giving up my regular wage.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? AAARgh! Really tempted to do a new year, new me approach...

Duckdeamon Thu 31-Dec-15 17:07:32

Going freelance is a pretty big financial risk: how about seeking another job?

Anonymum40 Thu 31-Dec-15 17:15:55

TBH, another job would be hard to find. I've tried doing full time and that was hard with 2 kids and a DH who works long hours. This job is 3 days a week and there aren't many of those about doing what I do. However, I'm hoping I could rustle up at least 3 days a week worth of freelance work with a bit of effort... Would make life with kids and holidays easier too...

daisychain01 Thu 31-Dec-15 17:18:50

Graphic design isn't exactly my forte in terms of career opportunities smile however, in general terms I would say New Year New Me approach is fine provided you have other skills that you can put to good use as a back-up plan while you are looking for your dream job in graphic design any other role^

Do you have sufficiently strong administrative skills to enable you to sign on to an agency and temp for a while, so you at least have some weekly money coming in. Temping does open a lot of doors, because when you get into the company, you can look on their intranet at their jobs, to see if they have any graphic design roles (or similar).

daisychain01 Thu 31-Dec-15 17:19:51

oops sorry it created a non-existent URL up there (NY brain-fog)

Duckdeamon Thu 31-Dec-15 17:23:35

If you need the money your job brings in and wish to maintain or build your earnings and career it'd make sense to do lots of research and business planning before taking the plunge: do it after hard-headed analysis, not from a position of being fed up about your tosser boss!

your H is a parent too and might need to make compromises in order to support your career. Very often women (myself included) limit ourselves because we prioritise our partners' earnings and career over our own and do more of the childcare etc. IMO it's often freelance mothers who do this even more than those of us who're employees, and run themselves down working all hours or end up earning less or having big gaps between jobs.

sportinguista Mon 04-Jan-16 17:29:03

I did it - I'm a freelance graphic designer, this was my first freelance year. I left a job and boss I hated. It has been hard work but I did it and now have a good income and am looking at taking my business to the next level, adding more skills and services. I used PPH to get clients and word of mouth. I'm moving onto other job boards etc this year. I don't know how much experience you have in the area ( I had 20 years) but it's also an excellent way of gaining experience. Be prepared though it's hard work and you have to give it time and effort and you also have to to your own invoicing and tax which is not so interesting!

Pebbles601 Mon 04-Jan-16 17:36:50

Like the above poster, people per hour website! My husband did this and gave himself a good payrise in the first year, helps you build up a client base. Good luck! You have to take a risk, especially if you are unhappy now.

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