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What's my next move?

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birdboo Sun 27-Dec-15 14:47:11

I have been working in my current role since since September 2015 but I have been off sinceearly Dec because of surgery. However, I have been "invited" to a review and disaplinary for poor customer service and telling another member of staff that I would report the business to food standards. This came 2 days before my dr had declared me fit to work. Others have had the same treatment, a colleague's was actually written 5 minutes beforehand and was given no chance to defend themselves or find representation. In their words they had to sit and listen and accept the written warning. The isn't a single member of staff that was working here last Christmas period.

The food standards was a misunderstanding that I thought had been addressed. I work in a place that is opening up to doing food. The business isn't registered with the council as a place that serves food and drink. (Milk is classed as a food product and heating milk counts as a change in temperature) It is part of my job to work on that side of this. So I said I would be happy to do the report on behalf of the business. No one to my knowledge has their food hygiene and the business has not informed the council, current law states it must be 28 days before any food product is served. The temperature log book is just a notebook with temperatures written down, no fridges have probes and there is no food probe. I have worked in food etc for the last 10 years so I have a lot of experience. There would no point in tipping off the council because it does not meet the requirements. Regardless of what level you are bad food hygiene always goes against you. Surely if I wished (or DH for that matter) wanted to report the council we would have done. I traced the story back to the resident stirrer who is my boss' relation through marriage. She will do anything to make herself look better. Including shit stirring.

What I thought was the end of this was a conversation and I agreed it was a misunderstanding and I would work with management to meet the requirements. I though a line had been drawn and that was it. It turned out it was expected me to order all the equipment (£40+) with my own money and the they would give it back to me only once the items were delivered to the business. I told him I had no money to do it. The same goes for buying other equipment. It was made quite clear that it was my job to buy these items not from a catering supplier but Amazon or a normal chain store, thus paying the VAT too. I am also responsible for training staff and ordering coffee, supplies, cashing in the weeks takings and anything else the business needs. I do this for £7 an hour.

The customer service side is mixed. One happened on a shift were I was so sick I left work an hour later and needed an extra day of sick, two work days before significant surgery. I agree it wasn't a great idea to be happy and smiley feeling like I did. The email clearly states that it's not a complaint just constructive criticism, it's even in the email subject. The other complaint is just a printed piece of paper without a date or subject. It looks like a copy and paste job but I cannot find any more details on it. It never mentions any names let alone mine. It goes on to mention things that I'm not qualified to advise on, which would make the business liable.

No one in my work place has been there longer than 6 months. The turn over of staff is huge and the owner has no people skills what so ever to the point they doesn't care about the happiness of the staff. The last member of staff that pissed them off had to clear out bird shit from the guttering in pouring cold rain. I had been offered a 50p pay rise which was never honoured.

What the hell do I do? I am trying to tread carefully but it's so difficult. No one has been given the chance to act or defend themselves. The management does not care. I am terrified of what might happen if I bring a representative to the hearing. I know that the logical step would be to get another job but what do now? I'm not very good under pressure and tend to cry even in anger. The management are the type that always have to be right regardless. It is very much an ego trip rather than management. They have decided that we are in the wrong and that's it. I admit there is a lot of things going on outside work.

Double posted because I found this area later.

EBearhug Tue 29-Dec-15 20:15:48

Check ACAS and CAB websites for information about disciplinaries.

Make sure your CV is up to date and look for other jobs as a priority. There's a reason why the turnover is high.

Do not buy any equipment with your own money. It is not your responsibility to buy them. I'd get back to the council, too, maybe once I'd secured another job.

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