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Advice needed...

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wheelycote Tue 22-Dec-15 19:25:38

Not sure if this is in the right Topic area....

The jist of the situation is this...

Im a lone parent Nurse and work full time, for a company rather than the NHS. I earn £26000, am provided with a car (don't pay insurance, mot, repairs etc), get a bonus of £750 a year and paid £5 a day for dinner. The £26000 pays the bills...just. The £5 a day dinner and 750 put away for my 2x dteen's (13 and 14) birthday, Christmas, haircuts, house insurance and any other one off things that crop up.

It is a full on job where I train other nurses and do other things like that and have a large caseload ...meaning I tend to work many evenings too...I do this in hope of a promotion (so can get paid more, money is tight) however there isnt much movement in the company.

I also work 2-3 sat or suns a month doing agency work. This pays for clothing for dteens and the rest allows me to put money away for a house deposit. I rent and so far we have had to move more than I would like.

Ive been asked to apply for a nursing job back in the NHS as a band 6 specialist nurse. Applied and have an interview. I feel so flattered and honoured and would love the chance to do this job...I would beable to do my masters and theres lots of scope and I would enjoy this speciality and could give a lot to it!.

As a lone parent, Im paranoid about finances (have no family to help us out if we get stuck)...don't want to put my dteens in a worse situation.

Going back into the nhs will mean I need to buy / lease a car, no bonus and no £5 day (no birthday, Christmas). Monthly outgoings will go up by a few hundred pound. Id still beable to do the agency work also but wouldn't want to rely on this to pay actual bills as there is no guarantee of shifts and the pay is being reduced. Would I still beable to save for a house or do I give up the ghost and accept Im renting forever moving into smaller and smaller homes in worse areas as rent keeps increasing (a tad dramatic but unfortunately its true)

I need to talk about pay but don't know whether to bring it up at interview or leave and wait to hear back if I even get the job and see what they offer and if there is room to increase???? Thought please.

Being out of the NHS Im concerned I'll be offered the base band 6 rate or middle of the road (If I even get the job). I did speak to someone before I applied and they said to just apply and see.

I don't have anyone I can ask and in need of others opinions

MrsPnut Tue 22-Dec-15 19:43:54

Can you wait and see if you are offered the job, it may be that you have more scope then to argue about being placed nearer the top of the pay band.

If they refuse and you stay in your current job then you are no worse off and you've had some interview experience, plus if you can be offered one job then there is no reason that you won't be successful in going for another job.

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