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WipsGlitter Tue 22-Dec-15 17:00:18

A bolshy colleague.

I am a senior manager. Relatively new (6 months) to the organisation. I enjoy the work although it has been a steep learning curve and I probably could have done better in a few areas but I've been under a lot of pressure and on my own as my assistant left a few months ago.

One of the other senior managers is very hard to work with. She's very forceful and forthright. No soft soap (to me at least, with another colleague who has been there longer than her she's not so quick to point out her shortcomings).

She's just sent me an email cc-ed to other the managers pointing out how I could have done something better and requesting I run this peice of work by her before it goes out.

I'm on leave so am going to try and put it out of my mind but it's really pissed me off. I'm dreading addressing it with her. The way she speaks to other people is in my opinion totally unacceptable but our mutual boss is also scared of her (I think) so doesn't say anything.

I think I just need to grow some balls. sad It's the one thing that puts me off working there. There's a strange atmosphere in the place but I can work out is it her or other factors.

Another example was she circulated something to the managers for feedback I was the only one to send any (first mistake!!) which she then rubbished - she obviously didn't want feedback just to be told it was wonderful. The fact she was rescuing a mess made by the manager she does like was never mentioned!!!

ginmakesitallok Tue 22-Dec-15 17:03:27

I would just reply and thank her very much for the comments, that you will consider them and that of course the relevant people will be consulted on the final version. End with a cheery "thanks as always for your input".

WipsGlitter Tue 22-Dec-15 17:40:59

Funny. I just said something pretty similar to DP!

Thanks for your input. Happy to discuss in January you bitch.

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