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Expenses drama! Help!

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Flumplet Mon 14-Dec-15 14:01:31

This time last year I worked a lot of over time over 4 different weekends. I had to claim for the extra pay, as ordinarily we dont get overtime payments, we ordinarily get time off in lieu. I filled in the claim form, but I made a mistake - I copied the 'example' line, and filled in a box that said 'weekend hours worked' (i work mon-fri and did weekends as overtime). I didn't realise that I wasn't meant to fill this box in (something to do with it being an enhancement and apparently i'm not entitled to it). My director signed the forms off and submitted them for payment. Today I have received an email from head office saying i over claimed and i have to pay £180 back in january payroll. Right. After. Christmas. I realise it was my mistake, but am i right in thinking that really it should have been raised at the time, not approved for payment and not paid rather than a year later and demanded back right after xmas. I wish i hadnt bothered doing the extra work now, it certainly wasn't worth it without the 'enhancement' that i'm apparently not entitled to. any advice? <<please dont get me wrong, i appreciate it was my mistake, but dont you think this is a bit harsh??>>

Ellypoo Mon 14-Dec-15 15:18:49

Could you go back to Head Office and explain, and ask to either spread the repayments or pay them back in Feb or March - like you say, it has taken them a year to discover it.

Flumplet Mon 14-Dec-15 16:19:04

They've admitted the guidance is ambiguous and have agreed 4 monthly payments now.

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