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staff room issues

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Seekingmiracles Sun 06-Dec-15 20:28:19

I work in a busy beauty salon with a small staff room/kitchen at the back. The kitchen is used by reception staff to make drinks etc for clients but also for us to store our personal belongings and eat our lunch.
Up until recently we were also allowed to use the microwave. This 'privilege' was withdrawn as the smell of the food cooking made the salon smell. We have now been asked to only use the top shelf in he fridge so they can store bottled water for clients. There are 6 of us on a busy day.
We have also now been told that it is a 'work room' and we should not have our bottles of water or any other belongings on the side.
We have never had a table to eat at and never moaned about it but now it feels that our 'staff room' is no longer that.
Are we being in reasonable wanting a separate fridge for our food? A microwave? Or a table? Or just a room that is not deemed a work room That we have to walk on egg shells in?

LordEmsworth Sun 13-Dec-15 09:10:33

HSE regulations

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