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No cash at Christmas Time

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kappadelta Fri 04-Dec-15 06:08:56

I would be grateful of some advice regarding DH who was off work recently with a shoulder injury.
As he works continental shifts we are struggling to understand if he had been paid correctly.
In total his incapacity scanned 4 of his working weeks. He was absent for the first set of shifts (3x12) went back for the second set (3x12) after thinking he was ok but then was absent again for 2 x (3x12).
He self certified for his first absence. He then self certified again for the second set of shifts but provided a doctors note to cover him for the final set he was off.

Should he have provided a doctors note after he was off for a second time or should the self certification have covered him? We are struggling to understand as in total he has received just £66.34.

Thanks in advance

Rockchick1984 Fri 04-Dec-15 07:55:46

If he only get statutory sick pay then he doesn't get paid for the first 3 days of any absence. So wouldn't have been paid for the first set, paid as usual for the second week, no pay third week and SSP (about £80ish per week I think) for the last week.

kappadelta Fri 04-Dec-15 08:10:36

Rock chick thanks for that. Why would he not get SSP for the 3rd week. Is it not ok to self cert after there has been a break in in absence from work? Should he have been covered by a doctors note?

trinitybleu Fri 04-Dec-15 08:16:16

Because he returned to work it is a separate absence and the clock starts again with the waiting days.

kappadelta Fri 04-Dec-15 08:20:10

Trinity - I don't think the clock does start again with waiting days as you don't have to stand them if you are off again within 8 week.

DeoGratias Fri 04-Dec-15 09:01:50

I thought SSP never paid for the first 3 days of each separate absence. So if someone was off for say a week and went back they would be paid for 2 days. Then 2 weeks later takes a week off - again paid for 2 of the says each time at SSP rate only.

kappadelta Fri 04-Dec-15 13:48:15

Deo - spoke to hmrc and they did inform me that the 8 week rule does apply to SSP. So the waiting days only stand for the first absence in the linked period.

I've clarified that DH needs a doctors note for the start of the second period. He did visit the GP on that day who has confirmed today they will provide one.
Thanks for all the advice.

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