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References situation

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Feawen Wed 02-Dec-15 19:48:15

Posting for advice as not sure what to do!

I recently resigned from my job. I didn't have a definite offer of another role, but there were several possible options open to me, and I was unhappy at work. I spoke to my manager amicably about my resignation and he confirmed he was happy to give me a reference.

Within days, I have received a job offer, subject to references as per usual. I agreed that the new company could contact my manager for a reference and let him know that they would be in touch.

He has now said that he thinks it would be more appropriate if they approached HR. He made a slightly odd comment about knowing the people in my new company and feeling there could be a conflict of interest.

Is this fairly normal, or something to worry about? Nothing has changed since he agreed to give me a reference a few days ago.

I have informed the new company through my recruitment consultant that they should contact HR and not my manager...I guess there's nothing else I can do? I'm annoyed and worried that this will affect my job offer. My manager is one of the key reasons I am leaving my current job - there have been several occasions when he has verbally agreed to do something I needed then not followed through. Should I panic or is this okay?

EBearhug Thu 03-Dec-15 00:21:34

No point panicking - HR will normally provide references of the type that just confirmed you worked there in role X from 2013 to 2015, with no further information.

Of course, if he does know people in your new company, and he's one of the main reasons you're leaving, it might not be a bad thing not to have a reference from him.

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