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Flexible hours query.

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EdmundSlackbladder Tue 01-Dec-15 12:58:08

Need to call on the wisdom of Mumsnet and hoping there is someone who can help me. In sept I requested flexible working time in my job and was granted it (with a small compromise) by my area manager. My general manager has now decided he wants to contest my shift pattern and has approached HR about it. I don't think he has brought it up with our area manager as when I suggested that we all arrange to discuss the situation he said he would rather not involve the AM. I'm aware that as an employee I can't put in another flexi time request for a year from the date of the initial one but was wondering if any one knows if the same holds for employers? Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Fizrim Tue 01-Dec-15 13:03:40

Have you already worked the new pattern and your manager thinks it doesn't suit the business needs?

flowery Tue 01-Dec-15 16:16:26

Do you have confirmation of the change to your terms and conditions? Was any trial period agreed?

It's no easier for an employer to change terms and conditions which came about via a flexible working request than it is to change any other terms and conditions. Once agreed, unless a trial period is specified, they are your permanent terms.

EdmundSlackbladder Tue 01-Dec-15 22:34:54

Yes Fizrim, partly due to changes he has made to the operation, and partly due to a subsequent request by another employee for flexi time.

EdmundSlackbladder Tue 01-Dec-15 22:35:42

That's good news flowery. I don't suppose you'd know where I could get that info in print do you?

flowery Wed 02-Dec-15 08:29:23

Citizens' Advice


law firm factsheet

All confirming that a flexible working request results in a permanent change to your terms and conditions, unless a trial period is agreed.

EdmundSlackbladder Sun 06-Dec-15 20:41:14

Thank you x Sorry I haven't been back sooner, been off line X

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