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Term time salary help needed

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candlelight22 Sat 28-Nov-15 16:56:54

I'm applying for a job from 4th Jan 2016 to the end of Aug 2016 (in school admin) term time, full time on salary of £14,300 to £16,400 annualised.

What does annualised mean? How much would my monthly salary be?
What happens to my salary during Easter, Summer and half term?

Becca19962014 Sat 28-Nov-15 18:18:40

The salary will be pro rata.

If the job is fulltime e.g. 9-5 Monday to Friday term time then you will be paid full time but not during the holidays.
If the job is less than full time e.g. 9-3 for example then that would likely be about thirty hours a week (possibly less if lunch for half an hour isn't included and sometimes it isn't for part time) so the salary will be pro rata again for that.

I'm not able to work out how much that would be - sorry just can't get my head working well enough today, but I'm sure someone will be along who can with accurate figures, but that's how it's worked out for term time positions. I found out after applying for a job and was forced to turn it down as a result.

LIZS Sat 28-Nov-15 18:27:32

The annual salary would be approx 43/52 of the annualised (termtime plus holiday allowance) but you then need to work out the number of weeks for those two terms and the balance of the year would probably less than 2/3 of the total amount. Usually it is paid in equal monthly instalments so you receive money during holiday periods.

candlelight22 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:11:08

Thank you both. Still puzzled -where does 43 come from?

The two terms will be 28 weeks in total (24 weeks if you take out the Easter hols and half term).

Is it £14,300 divided by 52 and multiplied by days under contract ie 28 (or is it 24??) confused

Trying to work out monthly salary before tax.....

LIZS Sun 29-Nov-15 15:14:14

43 is the actual terms plus a prorata amount of statutory holiday allowance

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