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Fit note for reduced hours - can I still be off?

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SniffyBee Mon 23-Nov-15 12:17:17

Hi all,

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks have been feeling increasingly tired (due at least in part to insomnia), dizzy, and unable to concentrate or think clearly. This has been seriouslyaffecting my performance at work and led to me getting very streessed and tearful.

I saw the doctor mid last week and she mentioned that my results from a couple of weeks previous showed low iron levels. She issued me a fit note, dated to that day, stating that I may be fit for work if my hours and workload are reduced. The note is valid for 4 weeks. She also prescribed iron supplements and said that due to how I was feeling I should take the next week off self-certified to rest. I asked if it mattered that the fit note stating i may be fit for work was dated to the same day that I intend to self-certify from. She said no, the note doesn't preclude me from taking time off. Is this correct? I already feel guilty about being off, despite feeling awful, and now feel extra anxious about being off while having a note that says I may be ok to work!

SniffyBee Mon 23-Nov-15 20:53:58


flowery Mon 23-Nov-15 22:23:00

Seems a strange thing for the doctor to have done. Why not put what she's advised you to do on the fit note? I would have asked her to write a replacement one reflecting her actual advice.

You can self-certify for up to a week so if you've not been off already you could do that, and if you're not well enough you should. Doesn't look brilliant though tbh.

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