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Confused about leaving my job and rekindling a old relationship

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MummyM13xx Mon 23-Nov-15 00:49:35

Hi everybody im new here my names Lauren and im so depressed and confused right now. Ive got a 2 year old son and i went back to work straight after my maternity leave a year and a half ago. I went back part time around 20 hours but over the past year the hours have been creeping back up and some days im doing 6 or 7 o clock starts and 6 o clock finishes. Ive spoke to my management team about how i dont want to be doing this ect but as i work in retail and were understaffed ive basically been told theres nothing i can do about it. My auntie and mum watch my son between them. Ive got to the point now ive had enough and need a new job im barely seeing my son. Over the last few weeks ive started seeing my ex again my sons dad and hes asked me to move in with him. He lives a good hour away so if i stay in my job i will have to get my son up at 4.30 in the morning to drop him with my mum and thats not fair, my partner works early shifts too so its not like he could take him up later. My heads a bit of a mess, i have always worked and i dont want to claim benefits. I currently get tax credits, and child tax credits. I know i need to declare myself in a relationship now to the tax credits, but with leaving my job how do i go about this? What benefits if any will i be able to claim? If i tell them im leaving my job and moving in with my partner as hes a self employed electrictian will we be able to claim anything as a couple? Just for the time being i am activly looking for another job starting from now and i do want to work for my son. Just a temporary situation just wondering how id go about doing this. Thanks for reading x

flowery Mon 23-Nov-15 08:58:45

Why wouldn't you look for a job nearer your partner, and when you've found one, at that point hand in your notice at your current job? Why would you resign without a job to go to? Doesn't sound like you are in a financial position to do that.

Duckdeamon Mon 23-Nov-15 09:08:45

Leaving the job at this stage without a plan other than relying on your DP doesn't seem sensible. Where you are you have paid employment and help with childcare.

At the very least you need to fully investigate what doing tjay would mean for your finances.

If your contract is part time but work are requiring you to work full time you could take this further at work, through the company's grievance process. There is information and advice online about this kind of situation, eg ACAS and trade union websites.

Stillunexpected Mon 23-Nov-15 09:54:01

It sounds very rash to give up your job and move in with your ex partner after only reconnecting a few weeks ago. What is the rush? As others have advised, get a job nearer your partner and then think about moving.

flowery Mon 23-Nov-15 12:43:19

Goodness, I missed that bit. Why would you move in with someone you've only been seeing a few weeks, regardless of whether you have previously been in a relationship with him? Presumably you split up for a reason? Has that reason vanished?

Slow down, keep spending time together for a few months, then if you want to make it permanent, look for a job nearer him and think about moving in.

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