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Being treated differently because I am part time

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Jemster Tue 17-Nov-15 21:17:16

I work part time although am there every day and my hours work out at 70% of a full time person.
I have the same job title & job description as my colleague although we do have different areas we are responsible for.
I feel increasingly that I am being left behind while my colleague is gaining more & more experience & responsibility. She is given most of the projects, goes off on courses, attends all the meetings & has a large amount of interaction with other departments. People who used to come to me on issues have now started going to her.

I have tried to talk to my boss about things & how I still want challenging work and am keen to develop my skills & experience. She has said to me in the past that it's sometimes difficult to give me things as I am part time & it's no good if something happens & I'm not there to deal with it. Fair point but I'm starting to feel like I'm just not taken seriously as I'm p/t and I am not being given nearly the same level of development opportunities. There are plenty of projects that I could do within my hours but I just feel like I'm being completely overlooked.

Does anyone have any advice please? Has anyone else found the same thing when returning p/t after having children? I actually feel that my 'career' is dead in the water simply because I want to be able to see my children after school. I do understand that p/t is not great for the employer but I am very hardworking when I am there so feel I'm currently being under-utilised and it's starting to make me feel demotivated & a bit resentful to my colleague (who is lovely & I get along very well with).

CountryLovingGirl Thu 19-Nov-15 19:37:24

I have been part time for 11 years now and, yes, it happened to me. It happens a lot as part timers are treated less favourably. It becomes a stark choice between career and children I'm afraid unless you are very lucky and work somewhere nicer.
Will you go full time later?

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