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Flexible working request help

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TrashPanda Tue 17-Nov-15 13:15:58

I am due to return to work after Christmas following maternity leave. I took more than 6 months but not the full 12. I work 28 hours a week in a customer service role for a large organisation.

While I have been off the organisation has had a huge restructure and my department has also been changed around. I am going back to a slightly different role with a new manager who started after I left. My old manager still works within the department but will be on a different team with very little work contact.

I would like to work 24 hours a week over 4 days and 8 hours every other Saturday when I go back and I have been asked to complete a flexible working request. I have never done one of these before, even though my working hours changed 3 or 4 times previously, and I have no idea where to start really.

From my perspective working a Saturday will really help with childcare logistics/cost but I know that cannot be used as a main reason to request it. Before I left I know they were struggling to get cover on a Saturday, but obviously I don't really know now because of all the changes.

If anyone made it to the end of that and has any advice I would be extremely grateful. Wasn't sure what info was important so happy to provide more if needed.

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