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Are there any other teaching assistants here?

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sunflowerfi Mon 16-Nov-15 22:39:24

Hi there
I started a new job as a teaching assistant in September-my previous experience, other than helping in my children's school being with college age students.
On the whole I am enjoying the new challenge although the class I work with (Y2) contain a large number of boisterous boys along who relish in winding each other up and telling tales. Firstly any tips on dealing with this?

Secondly, I find the teacher with who's class I am assigned rather hard to work with. I feel that lately she 'talks down' to me and seems to pick unnecessarily at things I am doing wrong . For example last week we had a fire drill-she and the other teaching assistant made sure they got their coats on but then when I asked them to pass me mine (which was right by them) she said' we need to be hurrying up getting the kids out there's no time for that' It makes me feel like I am on eggshells all the time waiting for her to pull me up on something.

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