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Any salon owners around?? I need some advice/info if you have a few minutes spare?...

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PiperBeeley Mon 16-Nov-15 14:17:20

I'm a hairdresser and I work in a salon. I will try and keep this as clear as possible, as like most things, it is a little complicated. My boss is lovely, she is young, and has taken on the salon a couple of years ago from a lady who decided to retire. The salon is rather well known in this area and has been successful and well-established for many years! Since the change over, business has been taking a substantial nose dive! I have been there just over a year and in that time, clients have continued to decline. The frustrating part, is that we (myself and fellow stylists) know why business is going downhill! - the boss has young children and hardly comes in! We run out of stock/shampoo etc ALL the time, we ask - nothings ever ordered. Clients ask for products, we're always saying "sorry we have run out" to annoyed clients saying "you said that last time!" The salon, is dated - the decor, the stations etc - VERY dated, the exterior has become aged and not maintaned (it's not very bad - yet!). The prices are some of the most expensive in the area because it's 'said shop'! I feel, as much as I like the young girl that has taken it all on, she has no idea what she's doing! Companies call frequently because she has not paid bills etc clients are getting less and less - frankly it's becoming embarrassing for us to represent the place! It is clear, what needs to be done, but it doesn't appear the owner is interested/takes it all seriously. When she does come in (which isn't too often) she is told of any issues, and sometimes they are resolved, but mostly they are not.
In all honesty, I'm not sure what anyone can advise... I'm worried for my job obviously, but also frustrated that this once thriving salon, is fading fast! That it is not too late to revive it, if only our boss pulled her finger out (by the way - she is by no means cash strapped, so that's not an issue!). If you are a boss/salon owner and your staff had these problems, why would you ignore? Would you be annoyed if your staff said 'the salon is in trouble, we are here, therefore we know why - here's what I think you should do!'?? I guess any ideas or advice would be gratefully received right now! TIA x

Ellypoo Mon 16-Nov-15 15:02:30

Most normal people wouldn't ignore it - they would try to save the business and ensure that basic things like stock and products are available etc. She doesn't sound particularly interested tbh, but maybe getting all the stylists together and setting everything down for her might be a good idea - it sounds like she needs to appoint a manager or put someone in charge to deal with the everyday things like stock control etc before you lose all your clients and the salon has to close.

If I were you though, I would probably also be looking to move elsewhere before the salon closes or develops a really bad reputation around town.

PiperBeeley Tue 17-Nov-15 17:06:43

Thanks Ellypoo - think I'm going to start looking sad
I did have a brief chat with her today, she comes across like she cares! But then, still has a bad attitude to client care!! Time to move on I think yes... x

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