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Job ideas - feel broken and disheartened

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Frizzyliz Sat 14-Nov-15 15:15:08

Sorry this is long but just looking for some thoughts really and thought history would be useful.

I returned to work after maternity leave in Jan to a job where i had been for about 7 years as an Administrator.
It was a small company and although I had moved forward and had much more responsibility than when I started they were never prepared to properly advance me, give me a team leader title etc even though I felt and they felt that's what I did. I asked for training etc too but they would just say they'd think about it and nothing happened.

I decided to find something new and started my current admin role at the end of Feb. I initially had concerns as the hours were going to be tough with my childcare set up and the location of the job. They gave me an increased salary and reduced hours after I raised my concerns as they really wanted me. I was also told of a possible promotion opportunity after 6 months but only if I went to full time hours.

Well the past 8 months have been tough. I went to full hours as soon as I could and have worked hard. Life outside work has been tough and stressful being a full time working mum.

Well now I feel that the role isn't right. I've pushed myself to the limit and with the business being small and there being a very small admin team I firstly don't think there will be any promotion options and if there were I don't have time to commit to it due to the hours etc.
I want a new job but am struggling to figure it out.

As mentioned I've been in admin for 8yrs now (with a yr on mat leave) and have mainly processed orders in this time. In my last job I also assisted with producing and matching invoices on the in house system and in both jobs have been involved in customer service.
I don't want to process orders anymore so that's one thing. I don't know if I want to stay in admin but have no experience of anything else and can't afford to take a huge pay drop as my husband recently lost his job and is forced to change career so we will already be on a money shortfall from his situation (that's when he finds a job)

I think I am quite organised and work hard. I want the option to advance to be there and to be somewhere that invests in their staff with training etc.
I'm thinking a larger company might suit as the 2 small companies I have worked at just don't offer the prospects.
I feel if I had better hours (9-5) and was close to nursery then if I did advance I'd have the option of going in early to catch up and help etc if it was needed (I currently don't have that option as I drop dd at nursery as soon as it opens and rush straight to work just to make it in time for starting my contracted hours)
I also don't want to work in a phone call heavy role - call centres etc.

I'm glad I took my current job in a way as I needed to get out of where I was and 'jumping' was the only way to do it. But I wanted to move forward and I feel I've taken a sideways step and am actually responsible for much less now than I used to be (although I have learnt some new skills) I feel frustrated, disappointed and disheartened at the moment. Anyone else I know who has changed jobs seems to have moved to something that really suits them. They are training, advancing and doing well but I feel maybe I am worse off as at least my last place I was able to do extra if needed and I was valued by my supervisor that if I needed to finish 30mins earlier I could etc as it was known that over the course of being there I would always have caught up. It was just more relaxed and I was trusted I guess.

So some ideas would be great.
I earn just over £20k and £18k in my last job. I really don't want to take a pay cut and not sure if we could afford it. Monday-Fri is what I need and ideally I'd love to be on enough to work 4 days not 5 (think of the childcare savings and spending more time with dd) although I know that's very very unlikely.

Becca19962014 Sat 14-Nov-15 22:34:03

What sort of qualifications do you have? Do you want to try another admin type role - was that what you wanted had a desire to do? If so would looking at another company in a similar role help?

I'm asking (you obviously don't need to answer here if you don't want to) as those questions might help you find a possible career path for yourself. For example if you have a degree you might find the prospects website helpful and be able to access careers advice via there.

Im not too sure anyone can really advise you here, though obviously it'll be good for you if they can, with the information you have provided.

I hope this helps.

daisychain01 Sun 15-Nov-15 05:40:57

With 7 years of general admin experience under your belt, have you thought of being a more senior personal assistant maybe to a director or CEO? That is temporarily next step up the career ladder.

What type of roles are your friends doing? Are they also administrators or something different. The missing piece is the training, if you want to diversify. If you have an aptitude for basic maths and accounts, could you do a book keeping course and look for roles as a combined administration book keeper.

You can't expect to be paid more, when you want to work fewer days and dont offer any differentiated skills. Sorry to say but the administrative role is not very valued in most companies and tends to have a very static salary and career ladder as you've found out.

daisychain01 Sun 15-Nov-15 05:42:02

That is the next step...

OneHandFlapping Sun 15-Nov-15 06:52:34

If you've been working processing invoices and orders, have you considered Procurement? Or Finance? Are you good with excel? Many finance departments use it massively, and it could help you find your way into a Finance Admin role. I'd aim for a big company though, as you've already found, opportunities are limited in small ones.

winchester1 Sun 15-Nov-15 06:59:02

Or you could.look at office manager roles.

Frizzyliz Sun 15-Nov-15 09:09:14

Thanks everyone.
I love excel and enjoy playing with formulas etc but am self taught. I am good at maths (mum is maths teacher) but since leaving school I don't use it,but I guess it should come back to me once I start.
I have a degree in forensics so that it pretty useless in the field I am in.
I am aware that pay etc is rather static in admin and you are right that it's not a job that is valued.
I think after I left uni I needed any job and ended up in admin. Then I suffered from some mental health issues that meant I didn't have the focus to start anything new.
I guess I've plodded along hoping to move forward and spent a long time believing the promises made at my last job.
Now I feel stuck.
Owning a home, a young child. We can't afford for me to fully retrain and spare time is sparse to do anything other than on the job style training.
Some friends are in admin yes. One was a more PA type role and has moved into a marketing admin role but she did do a media and marketing based degree.
Another used to work with me and I was like her senior. They actually offered her my role on mat leave but they wouldn't pay her what she wanted (it would've been more than I was on) and so she left as she didn't believe any lies like I had.
She is now in another admin role which started pretty much like my new one but they want to invest in her and she is now moving onto forecasting, implementing new business initiatives and they would happily pay for her to do a degree to support her progression.
I guess I need to really look at the admin roles out there and see if there are any cheapish home courses I could do to fill gaps in my knowledge that would enable to move up the ladder.

Becca19962014 Sun 15-Nov-15 10:35:47

If you have a degree from a UK university (it might include non UK. Well now) then you can make use of the careers advice/service at prospects to look at other things that might be of interest to you.

I changed career path with the help of advice from there. I don't know if it will be of help to you, but it really helped me get some new skills to do move side ways in my career to do something else whilst I looked at other things. It might be worth a look.

Becca19962014 Sun 15-Nov-15 10:40:52

In terms of home courses there are many providers, but please be careful, some are a total rip off and you need to check accreditation carefully (I speak from experience!). There are great providers as well of course I just want you to be aware there can be issues.

The OU do some free courses, it's called open learn details here

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