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anyone know process of recruitment for nhs?

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zazzabeans Tue 10-Nov-15 03:21:14

I had an interview last week for healthcare assistant, one of the interviewers said they would ring me yesterday to inform me of outcome.
I did get a phone call from a ward sister offering me a job, however it was not on the ward of my choice. At the interview, we had to pick several wards all of whom were looking for staff.
The ward they are offering , I don't think i could do, the sister said if i turn it down, i then need to reapply again and go through the whole process of application and interview.
Prior to her offering me the job, I had another phone call from a different hospital, but due to location I had to turn it down.
Its not that I am being fussy, the first phone call I had told me I scored quite high in interview and I would be snapped up.
Im not entirely sure what to do now, have rang HR several times but keep getting different answers as to what/who should ring me.
I did expect someone of the panel to at least inform me.
Is this normal ?
It has got me stressed to bits, its 3am and i should be fast asleep sad


NoodleNuts Tue 10-Nov-15 09:10:58

Stressed about what, being offered two jobs?

They have phoned you already, you were successful and have been offered a position. Why are you waiting for another phone call, I don't understand.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 10-Nov-15 09:45:58

I'm with Noodle. It sounds like you gave preferences for the ward you'd like, but they've offered you a job on another one. You can accept, or decline. I'd think carefully about declining if you've already declined the other hospital for being too far away.

You seem to be taking this as a rejection. You have been "snapped up", just not for the ward you wanted. If everyone wants to work on the same wards, some people are going to be assigned to one they they didn't specifically want.

Roygrace Wed 11-Nov-15 07:00:53

Foot in the door op foot in the door.

You might like it what sort of ward couldn't you do?

RebootYourEngine Wed 11-Nov-15 07:13:23

You were offered a job. If you turn it down you will need to restart the process again when another job comes up.

What is wrong with the ward that you were offered?

VocationalGoat Wed 11-Nov-15 07:26:18

What roy said OP. Get your foot in the door. It's not forever on the ward you wouldn't have chosen.
You'll just have to keep applying from scratch. Hope the right job finds you soon. Sounds as if you were indeed snapped up quickly (albeit in areas you aren't comfortable in) so that's really encouraging. Good luck.

TartanFly89 Fri 13-Nov-15 16:04:55

I am a staff nurse with Nhs and have been for almost 5 years. Take the post and if you don't like it you can contact HR and asked to be redeployed (this is where they job match you for similar positions in different areas who are also short staffed). It can take a while to swap but your still in a post earning wages and gaining experience in mean time. You might turn out to like the job more than you think!

TartanFly89 Fri 13-Nov-15 16:06:37

And please don't take this the wrong way but for the most part the role of the healthcare assistants is much the same from ward to ward. If you go into a speciality it will be slightly different but the basics are all the same smile

PUGaLUGS Fri 13-Nov-15 16:12:51

What everyone else ^ said.

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