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Left my job.... Ŵithout another one to go to

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SuperFlyHigh Mon 09-Nov-15 13:57:12

Just need a bit of support here... Have been working since I was 17 as various jobs most recently PA/legal secretary until now (44) when I stupidly resigned from a job.

Backstory I was employed for 5 years before as legal sec in small office where I was bullied but this was sorted out however I was badly underpaid due to being employed through a family friend recommending me and my boss being mean. Anyway I got a new job as legal sec 7k increase life was good but I ended up each and every day only working afternoons never any work for me in the mornings and then a paralegal came on board who tried to "takeover" my role and withold a package I needed to do my role... I spoke to HR but nothing improved and I found myself getting more and more depressed every day, I eventually resigned about 2 weeks ago now... I had wanted to leave the week before I resigned and was looking for work.

So now I saw 2 agencies last week (Friday), they say they have roles for me... And have been applying to agencies for temp work on and off last week (nothing has come up) and permanent work. Nothing so far... I did give myself a few days off last week just to get my head together.

One agency did say I should train with InDesign (package useful in architecture which is one field I'd like to go into as PA/admin). So I am looking into this courses etc.

Thank god I have a spare room which I am renting out as of now and I also have savings but don't want to eat through those. I want and need a job.

I feel pretty stupid for resigning with no job to go to but also now feel despondent, tearful on and off (no not depression). Any advice/ideas?

daisychain01 Mon 09-Nov-15 17:46:04

Couldn't you do temping for a few months? At least it will keep up your morale and work experience.

Things will change, keep reminding yourself thst this isn't a permanent situation.

daisychain01 Mon 09-Nov-15 17:47:56

Oops sorry just noticed you are already registered for temping.

I would register for at least 4-5 agencies. They're like buses as soon as you're on their books your phone will be ringing off the hook with Can you start immediately??

OllyBJolly Mon 09-Nov-15 18:50:04

Wow. That's a brave thing to do - well done. You've taken control of the situation. Much better to free yourself than stay in a toxic environment that saps your energy and confidence.

Set your expectations realistically. If you're not desperate for the cash then allow yourself a few weeks to recover from your last job and think about what you want from the next one.

Don't take the first agency role - consider all the aspects carefully and assess whether it's worth it. As soon as you take a job, especially full time, you don't have the same time and energy to look for your ideal job.

If you're asked about why you left your last job be upbeat. You didn't have enough to do, the job wasn't going anywhere, you like to be challenged. You felt it was unfair to stay,so made a clean break to focus on what you want to do next. <This job> is exactly what I'm looking for.....

Best of luck - I imagine there are a lot of people who wish they could do what you've done.

SuperFlyHigh Mon 09-Nov-15 19:55:31

daisychain yes I will register with some more agencies... The only trouble is some of them seem to be like, send your CV in then we'll check it out and then they don't come back to me!

It's ironic when I was in the 2nd to last job all the time I had agencies ring me and and enquires via LinkedIn and I couldn't often get time off to see them... And also when I was bullied my confidence was lower too.

Olly yes you're about the 4th person I've told who's said it was brave - we were legal admin top heavy but there were rumours about redundancies in the new year and lots of infighting due to mismanagement - old story no one told you anything about plans so everyone guessed and then bitched.

I am not desperate for cash per se - the room being rented out covers my mortgage payment and my savings cover food, bills etc but I don't want to eat into them...

Should I just plough on with agencies and ring the ones I resistered with on Friday to follow up?

I've had 2 friends ask if I should retrain and I was going to do payroll for office manager jobs or think about another job (I've got no idea about training outside an office job though) but the retraining I think I'd prefer to have a permanent regular job for now.

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