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Paying myself through a Qualification, is it worth it?

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QforCucumber Tue 03-Nov-15 10:22:18

Am currently 28 and a general admin assistant - helping mainly the accounts dept and purchasing in a construction company.
This was a major career change after being in catering for a number of years.

Now I'm realising how much I really enjoy the accounts side of things and contemplating paying to put myself through the Level 2 AAT course to increase employ-ability in this sector (and obviously the salary increases in future with qualifications behind me)

The company have said they can't afford to put me through anything themselves, so would be more for my own benefit than theirs, would anyone recommend paying yourself through something like this for career progression? My local college run the course as an evening class with the exams included as an evening course for £800.

I just don't know if I should pay myself through it, or look for another job elsewhere with a company who would be willing to fund it, or if another company wouldn't take me on without the certificate?! So many unknowns.

Ellypoo Tue 03-Nov-15 11:32:16

If you are working in that environment at the moment and therefore getting the experience at the same time, I would say that it definitely is worth paying for the training yourself, and then when you have more experience & the level 2 to put on your CV, then start looking after completing this year possibly, depending on how things are at your current employer.

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