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Social work career prospects

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Magic69 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:32:54

I qualified as a social worker in June (EBR) and continued to work for my employer in substance misuse and probation, as I was going on ML anyway. I started to apply for SW roles and attended an interview (two weeks from giving birth) and was offered a post in adult mental health with the NHS.

My passion is youth offending and probation work.....however, I have three kids and money is also an important factor.

I signed a contract for the AMH job as I did not think I would get another job.

I am due to start in the new year however I have yet to resign from my old post (worried they will stop my maternity pay, which is SMP now) and I have an interview for a Youth Offending Team (with a slightly higher salary, but further out of borough, working for council)

Dilemma is...if I get the YO post, I will love to take it. But how do I get out of my contract it even valid considering I have not started the post and will not start until Jan 1st and I am on probation for 3 months anyway?

In social work....where is there the most money and post potential for growth? I am hoping to eventually become a forensic psychologist and work in prisons, but I am being told my everyone that mental health is where the future of social work is heading in terms of opportunity and funding.

But I know I can offer something to youth offending and that's where I have the most confidence

Any help will be appreciated

Magic69 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:36:19

ps- its like a bird in hand

I don't want to hand in my notice, get into a whole legal minefield regarding the AMH contract and not get any salary for December......the interview is on Nov 5th and they want someone to start December 1st.

I was going to hand in my notice this month, as I need to give 4 weeks notice but should I wait it out to get this YO job?

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