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Giving up full time work to care for my son(s)

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HarHer Fri 30-Oct-15 19:37:36

It has been difficult to decide where to post this message. However, I will try to focus on the work side of the issues. I have recently separated from my husband due to child protection issues in my family. I live with my 16 year old autistic son and my husband lives with our 14 year old younger son. I have tried to find educational provision for my 16 year old, but he refuses specialised education and mainstream providers have stated they cannot meet his needs. His mental health difficulties also mean that he cannot be left unattended. My youngest son is on the edge of care and currently refusing school. He is vulnerable because my husband has mental health issues and struggles to cope. My youngest cannot live with his brother because my eldest was the subject of sexual bullying from his brother. I really want to play more of a part in my younger son's life, so I am trying to arrange outreach for my eldest so I can see my youngest. It is hard.
So, after three months off sick with stress, trying to sort things out and working through a Child Protection Plan, I have decided that there is no prospect of me returning to my full time post as a college lecturer. I need to care for my sons. I have some very part time distance tuition and I have applied to teach other modules with the distance teaching provider and I am trying to write a book. Yet, I am panicking. Has anyone any ideas about anything I could do to earn a bit more money whilst I care for my son(s)?


Jayni313 Fri 30-Oct-15 21:13:48

Hi! Not sure how much help I'll be, it sounds like a tough situation and I wish you all the support getting through it...have you considered teaching a local course for an hour or two a week? I.e. Baby massage/baby yoga or reflexology? Most you can do online qualifications for...although I appreciate you'd have care issues whilst teaching it was a thought? Is there any chance of part time work at your current job and have your son be with a carer/ day centre for a day a week or something? Like k said, not sure if I'm being helpful, you've probably thought of those options!! xx

socknose Tue 03-Nov-15 11:48:25

It's hard. I have a teenage DS with autism and I gave up work to care for him while he had to be home educated, although he is now back at school.

I coped just by claiming carers allowance and income support, but it was supplemented by quite a lot of tax credits which you wouldn't get if your DS is out of education. Your DS should be able to claim ESA and PIP though. Make sure you are claiming everything you're entitled to, and getting support for respite etc.

There are some suggestions on Moneysavingexpert on work that you can do from home, there are quite a lot of opportunities now. Have you looked at any of the internet high schools (for teaching opportunities for you, and perhaps home ed possibilities for your DS)?

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