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Part time job-5 day week

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pleaseletmesmile Wed 28-Oct-15 21:11:49

I started a part time job a year ago on a 24 hour per week contract. It is working for a childcare centre, childrens ages ranging from 3-14 years old. The work initially was very rewarding and i only worked a 4 day week, something i tried my hardest to fit around being a single parent to my then one year old and 3 year old. Progressively the responsibilities have increased and i am now working 5 days a week, starting at 7.30am and finishing at 6,30pm with a few hours break between shifts. I travel all round the region and it is part of my contract to teach children in different towns, no travel or petrol time/costs are included. I live in France and i have to do all this in French (naturally!) which would be fine except i am still not fluent and as anyone who has worked with kids may understand…'s survival of the fittest and sanest. My point is, i am constantly terying to tell mysef how lucky i am to have the job, getting one here in France is hard, no matter how many qualifications you have (and i have) but i feel uttterly taken a lend of and miserable. I struggle to find time for my own children, i come home mentally and physically exhausted and i work full time during school holidays for no extra pay but time owed. I sound like a total moan but its for €800 a month. Would i be totally ungrateful and stupid to either seek other employment or stop working or take a leap of faith and become self employed? (which i would try whilst maintaining my current job to test the water.) frazzled and confused

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