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I'm fuming!

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cpabtw Mon 26-Oct-15 12:02:48

I have worked one day a week for a company for 3yrs 5months and repeated asked for more days and said I was available for overtime when colleagues were on holiday but I haven't done any additional days in the last 2yrs. When a 5 day a week person left I asked if I could do a job share with the new person and my manager said "we need a full time person" then he employed someone to work 4 days and didn't ask me to do another day. I was basically hanging on for the possibility of covering someone's maternity leave but then they employed an apprentice so I thought there was no chance of progression so I handed in my resignation. My manager accepted this and didn't question it at all.
I've just seen a job advertised on the company website with a slightly different job title at the same rate of pay (nmw) but for at least 2 days a week.
Why didn't he just tell me he didn't want me to work there 3 years ago instead of me turning up every week and dealing with whatever had been arranged for me with the hope that it would lead to something more?

flowery Mon 26-Oct-15 14:21:25

Well, if you've been asking for more hours repeatedly but haven't been given any for two years, to be honest you didn't really have any reason to think it "would lead to something more". If your boss had wanted you to do more hours you would have had them.

I know it's hard, but you've left now, so best to walk away head held high and move on to whatever you're doing next.

cpabtw Mon 26-Oct-15 14:41:57

Thanks Flowery, I could kick myself for being a bit slow to catch on but I would have thought he could have dropped hints at the one 2 one that we had last April, in which he said my position probably wouldn't be filled if I left.
There has been a bit of crap flying around the office lying and stealing commissions recently so I'm glad I don't work with them anymore.
It does hurt as it was my dream job and I thought I was good at it.

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