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Feel like I'm not being listened to!!

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AbbyS92 Thu 22-Oct-15 18:06:55

Hi everyone,

In currently pregnant with baby number 2, not 12 weeks yet but getting close!

I have been advised by my midwife, due to previous miscarriage to no longer do any lifting or carrying at work. She said I would need to be put on "light duties".

A lot of my job involves moving and carrying furniture around the building, and setting up rooms with tables and chairs, so it is pretty much the majority of my job.

I spoke to my manager about it and she said she would need a letter from my midwife to confirm, which is fine and I expected that. However nothing really seems to have changed. I'm still being put on late shifts where things need to be set up for first thing the next morning and there is no one else to do it. I feel like I'm being backed into a corner a bit, where I'll just have to do it anyway because I don't have another choice! I don't know if I'm being over sensitive or something, just feel like I'm not being taken seriously at all.

Have done a risk assessment at work and it's all been logged on there, so don't really know what to do now? We're a small team and just being made to feel like I'm letting everyone down! sad

CurlyhairedAssassin Thu 22-Oct-15 21:32:00

Just refuse to do it. Imagine if the worst happened, all for the sake of a bloody job. Ask your manager how he/she intends to manage the situation.

daisychain01 Fri 23-Oct-15 17:42:04

If the core component of your role has been shifting furniture what can you do to replace what you can't do anymore? I'd be inclined to propose what you could do instead, or suggest you have a formal meeting to discuss alternatives. Otherwise you're leaving them with a problem that they can't necessarily fix.

I know it should be their responsibility to identify new things for you but can you at least start the ball rolling?

IWasHereBeforeTheHack Sun 25-Oct-15 23:01:43

A lot of my job involves moving and carrying furniture ...

What do you think you could be doing instead? Is there scope for doing something else?

Does the risk assessment acknowledge that you shouldn't move furniture? What was the attitude of the person carrying out the RA (who would either be your line manager, or an H&S officer I expect)? Were any other duties discussed at that time?

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