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Being Undermined at work

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s208047758 Mon 19-Oct-15 22:37:51

I think I am being Undermined?

I left university 3 years ago and I worked for 3 companies including my current company. I must say it hasn't been an easy journey but I managed to put through under the circumstances. Though I told myself that I will stay for a long time on my current company, things haven't been good on my side. I joined my current company about a year ago and all of a sudden I now feel like I am being looked down or undermined. I have a team lead I am supposed to be reporting to but she keeps information from me, some of things she discusses with my manager don't even get to me. We work in an open area but apparently I hear some of the things I am supposed to doing in a weekly meeting for the first time.

What made me notice this, is that every time I do something this person always wants to make sure she checks and make changes if she doesn't redo it. What confuses me here is that we are supposed to have reviews of the work I have done and I do call her and show her my work so that I can get an input.
Surprisingly she never sees something wrong when I show her but she'd try her best to find something wrong. I honestly don't have a problem with her trying to find the problems but why don't we find these problems when we are reviewing work together so that I can understand what she wants and never repeat the mistake if there's? Sometimes she finds something or try to change the whole thing and do it her way even if it doesn't really make a difference but whats interesting is that sometimes when she does these alterations she asks me to help like do some stuff while she's busy doing something else and I would spend hours trying to help her and I do her help her. Just when I tell her I am done after spending time trying to help, she says she has done it (what I was doing) I can remove mine? What does this mean?

This situation is really stressing me, sometimes I doubt myself and ask myself whether not I even deserve the salary I get if I have to deal with this situation. The whole situation is starting to get into me and it's now affecting my performance, after realizing this, I sometimes take time to finish work. Some colleagues are always looking for wrong things when looking at my work.

Can anyone help or give me some advice? What confuses me most here is that I worked for top class company that has experienced people who have processes in place, following standards, people who believe in quality and I was doing good but now I joined a company that does not even follow standards, no process in place, in terms of quality or complexity, the work I do looks exactly the same as the project I did in my final year at university (and I had no industry experience at the time) and it was so easy as a result I was the one helping most groups in their project but now it seems like I am struggling with the exact same standard.

The interesting part about whole situation is that I sometimes get a task from my manager and start working on it but in no time I will find this person working on the exact same task, i am not sure whether she doesn't trust me or not, I have no idea. If it happens that I finish it without her interference and give it to everyone for testing, I sometimes get a surprise in our weekly meeting that she found something and its not working so am not sure whether she wants me to look bad and incompetent from my manager. It seems like everything I do is not good enough for her but it's strange because we don't sit together, plan things, explain to me what she doesn't like or even plan how work should be done moving forward.

I have had thought of leaving the company but I think this is getting to me because I sometimes think if I am good enough for anything or whether or not I will cope on my next job and this never happened to me before.

Any Advice would help.

daisychain01 Tue 20-Oct-15 06:13:24

Are you taking steps to

A. Learn from your mistakes
B. Demonstrate to your manager that you have taken their corrections to your work seriously and what you are doing not to make those sorts of mistakes again.

Meet formally with your manager once a week and bring to the meeting the problems of that week so they can see you are looking at your own performance holistically and putting your own process in place to get better. Call it Continuous Improvement or something similar.

Sorry but your OP sounds a bit whiney and negative. All about how badly you are being treated. 3 jobs in 3 years is quite a lot of changes. Could it be you're not sticking at it long enough?

daisychain01 Tue 20-Oct-15 06:22:59

A thought... can you buddy up with a colleague in a similar role and peer review each other's work before presenting to your manager. Often it is difficult to see your own mistakes even when they are staring at you in the face ! Been there, done that got the T Shirt smile

jclm Sat 24-Oct-15 20:02:04

This is a toxic manager and situation. I'd try to find another job (or change department if poss) before your co fidence is dented even more. X

minimalist000001 Sat 24-Oct-15 20:11:57

I would probably keep things In writing. So when she gives you a list of things todo - email her your todo list and ask of there's anything you've missed off. Ask her to break down the expectations for each item Chase her for info. Provide a polite email trail showing you are chasing info

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