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Anyone out there doing the CIPD Level 5? Anyone?

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Iamabuyingbootsaddict Mon 19-Oct-15 21:02:38

I started this is in Sept. Would really appreciate conversing with anyone else doing the course right now. Have been enjoying the learning but am really struggling to get my head around the academic requirements of completing the first assignment (Harvard referencing etc). We've been told it's the hardest assignment of the course and the tutor considers it a baptism of fire. I had a tutorial last week however I came away more confused then I was before and was given feedback that the work I had done was too detailed. I've since cut the detail down but am finding it really hard putting together the project plan and Gantt chart despite thinking I understood both during the lessons. The assignment is to review the recruitment and selection process for cost savings and employee engagement. I get the subject, know what my answer would be too do those things but I'm confused by the fact I'm actually meant to be writing about the project not the things that may come out of the project. The tutor said "you are not actually doing the project you are telling me how you will do the project". Yep confusing isn't it!!

winchester1 Thu 22-Oct-15 20:20:24


I'm not on your course but work in a related field and maybe I can help if only by bumping your message.

Have you looked for any forums for cipd membership maybe you can find a mentor?

As you describe it I would think of the steps involved in the task and use them as sub headings and the explain what I would do for each.

So something like
Current situation; firstly I would audit the current procedures and actual process for recruitment. I would then gauge opinion from staff, leavers and reject applicants .... Using qualitative research ont the form of feedback questionnaires .....

I may be well wide of the mark but its a bump at least grin

Iamabuyingbootsaddict Thu 22-Oct-15 21:19:08

Thanks for your response Winchester1. I thought I was having a tumble weed moment there for a bit! Your comments are really helpful. I've had a further update with the tutor and she has made things a bit clearer plus I have spent probably about another 8 hours of study time so feeling a little more confident now! The tricky bit is learning how to fulfil the academic writing methods. Although the assignment is based on a review of recruitment and selection, it's not really about that, more about the how of running a project. The subject could be anything and only needs a mention for the purpose of producing a Gantt chart (to quote the tutor). I'm getting there though I think ?? Thanks again ??

winchester1 Thu 22-Oct-15 21:28:30

Oh so the assignment is really.produce a gantt chart on ....
That's a weird way of presenting that.
Did she.give you and refs ot.reading to help you out?

Fizrim Thu 22-Oct-15 21:36:38

I did CIPD courses years ago, there was one (at a lower level) which we had to show we could use common software packages so we had to turn in spreadsheets, etc. So I can well believe that the assignment is more about how you'd plan and run a project (demonstrated by your items on the Gantt chart) rather than the end results of it. Good luck with the assignment!

Iamabuyingbootsaddict Fri 23-Oct-15 14:04:35

Thanks for your responses. Luckily I'm not the only one in a group of 20 people who have found it confusing. The brief seems to have been presented in a way that has got us all going off in the wrong direction. I had thought I was ahead of the game by doing work before the tutorial. We have all agreed that we are all better off waiting till the tutorial and using that to ask questions to get clarity and then just really knuckling down in the last two weeks before it's due to be handed in.

I'm going to check out the CIPD to see if there is a forum as I think that's a great suggestion. It's been so long since I have studied and it's all so much different now. Almost as if you have to prove that you know how to paraphrase someone's else's research and do the references correctly rather than show how you might utilise your own experience, creativity and your knowledge of your own business and show what you would do to solve a problem. Funnily enough I had hoped that's what the course would give me but I can see that I am going to have to change my thinking and adapt my approach, that's ok though.

Sadly we only get a 10 minute break in the college session so there is no time to really speak much with the other students which I found helpful when I did the CPP. In that ten minutes everyone is looking at their mobiles and not talking to each other. I must be old but that makes me quite sad really!! How do young people get to know each other these days??

Thanks again though for your help. Much appreciated.

TotalPerspectiveVortex Fri 23-Oct-15 22:30:57

Yes! Hello! I am also studying this, I completed L3 last year. I'm actually just about to go to bed, but am definitely up for a MN study buddy! Are you in the middle of DPP? I just finished that but we got the easier option of PDP's and a 1500 word assignment. I'm just starting IHR now.

Iamabuyingbootsaddict Sat 24-Oct-15 22:21:29

Hi back! Great to hear you are doing the Level 5 too! I did the CPP about a hundred years ago, ok I exaggerate, I did it in around 1996 I think but job changes, starting a family, getting a part time position and then starting a whole new life got in the way and I never had the chance to continue my studies. Now in a calmer, happier life I finally felt the head space was there to go back to my studies and continue with the qualification. I'm already working in HR ... Are you? Many people on my course are not yet in HR and are doing the qualification with the plan to move into HR. I am expecting I'm possibly a bit of a dinosaur (think I'm older than the tutor even) so it's a whole new experience to be learning all the academic requirements as well as the subject on a formal basis as most of my learning since the CPP has been whilst doing the job. Are you working in HR? Have you tackled your first assignment yet?

TotalPerspectiveVortex Sun 25-Oct-15 08:11:54

I am working in HR, I've just been seconded into a HR advisor role, from working as a HR assistant. I've worked in HR for around four years, and before that worked In Recruitment for three years. I am surprised so many on your course are not in HR, as the course seems to require a lot of practical knowledge, and access to information & proceses. I've finished & submitted 'Developing Professional Practice' and have just started 'using information in human resources'. I'm feeling pretty confident with IHR as I'm definitely a data geek, so quite looking forward to it!

Iamabuyingbootsaddict Sun 25-Oct-15 17:30:25

Congratulations on your secondment, well done. You will enjoy the extra responsibility. Are you working as an Advisor to more than one department/sector/region?

I started as an HR advisor around 18 years ago now in a large HR function and it's where I did the most learning and honing my advisory skills. Previously I had experience in Employee Relations as I'd worked in a highly unionised organisation.

I agree the course requires practical knowledge. I often find myself in class resisting answering too many questions as I don't want to seem too much like Monica from Friends when she joins a cookery course when she is already a chef! Having a lot of practical experience means that side of the course comes relatively easy. I'm not so much of a data geek but can see the value of this and want to start being more this way in my job. I currently work for a charitable organisation as a stand alone HR Manager. Having worked mainly in corporate environments previously it is good to be a bigger cog in a smaller wheel (we have just over 100 employees) with a small core team of around 12. The downside is that you miss having your HR colleagues as back up to talk things through.

We have just completed the DPP, our assignment is due in soon so will finish it this week. Good luck with yours, let me know how you get on, I believe it's a pass or refer and that there are no extras eg distinction. Is that the same as your course?

TotalPerspectiveVortex Sun 25-Oct-15 18:13:43

I support around 200 people in my areas, both operational & non-op, so one large ops area and six or seven smaller support teams. Lucky for me they are all onsite, although we have 5 other sites I'm not main point of contact for them! I'm really enjoying it, even the less than fun bits.

I think it can be hard to settle into a class environment, last year there was one woman who thought she knew it all (why bother with the class?) Challenged the tutor on everything and generally disrupted the class. This year everyone in my class seems to be more settled but there are definitely a few who are very confident and outspoken. I'm not like that at all, but find I do get an awful lot out of listening to the others and their perspective and experience.

I do think I'm getting a lot out of the course and I'm really enjoying it, especially being able to actually graduate at the end of the year too, with a hat and gown! This will be the highest qualification I have so that's really motivating me too!

I'm pass\refer only, although out tutor has said the amount of feedback we get from her is up to us, she can pass us and that's it, or pass us with as much constructive feedback as we want. Good luck with your assignment! The first is always the second most stressful! (The last one is worse, I totally lost the plot with the last one last year!!)

Hellsbells202 Mon 13-Jun-16 21:45:32

Hello, I have come across your thread whilst looking for help on the 3rd assignment, Using information in HR.
How are you finding the course? I only started in February so you are a little further ahead than me.
Any help on the third assignment would be very much appreciated. I am finding the distance learning difficult, not having the support of attending college each week.

Cridsleeds Sun 04-Sep-16 11:41:01

Anyone send me a copy of assignment 1 so I can see how this is done to

smokeybandit Sun 04-Sep-16 16:02:52

Not done that particular course but I didn't go to uni and Harvard referencing was the bane of my course!! Managed to get through by saving a seperate word doc for referencing as I went along and found each thing, labelling each reference with what page/line or topic it was and also just googling it ad I went along. Like literally googling "Harvard referencing for web pages" or books or wherever I git the info from.
Best of luck! The first is always the hardest but you get into the swing of it then it's not so scary.

Pascaleroscoff Sun 06-Nov-16 14:02:45

Hi I'm just finishing my first assignment, Using information in HR, but really struggling with how to review the literature sad could someone help? maybe sending some examples? Many thanks

TotalPerspectiveVortex Sat 12-Nov-16 22:35:00

Wow, what a thread to bump! I graduated last weekend, so this feels like a long time ago! I'm happy to help if I can, but I don't know what literature you have or what you want to review.

Pascaleroscoff Sun 13-Nov-16 09:45:23

Hi and congratulations for graduating! Well I submitted on Monday but not sure whether its right or not...will see in 3-4 weeks time....Now just started 'Developing Professional practice' which looks very challenging again!!

juneybean Tue 15-Nov-16 19:05:24

Definitely watching this thread as I'm just over halfway through level 3 and was thinking about level 5 next year but this all looks terrifying!

As it is CIPD definitely do have a message board smile

Megkm Mon 21-Nov-16 21:36:45

Hey! Just found this as I am having a really hard time with my CIPD level 5. I started amost 2 years ago, spent about 6-8 months absolutely confused and then ended up putting my course on freeze until I found a suitable HR job to carry on with my CIPD. I have now found a HR role and am due to start Thursday, but I am still no better off with any of my coursework! I am so so stumped. Can anybody help?

user1489700789 Thu 16-Mar-17 21:50:28

is anyone doing cipd level 5 in HR ? if anyone can give my exmple of assignment it would be helpful.i am enjoying my study but really confused in preparing assignments.


sniffle12 Sat 18-Mar-17 09:37:20

I have done this course, I won't give examples of assignments but quite happy to help/advise.

aatanerr Wed 24-May-17 23:57:17

Hi sniffle12, you've mentioned you completed the course...I am currently struggling with one of the activities in my assignment where it's asking me to identify key stages in formulation and implementation of strategy and hr role in each step of either 5 step approach or 7 steps's so confusing I'm not sure what I'm meant to do! Are you able to help me with this?

Mummyamy23 Sun 25-Jun-17 22:25:56

I am currently doing Level 5 in HR course and on my last assignment but I am struggling to get on with it and with the layout, wondering if anyone could help me out, I am willing to help anyone the best I can with the assignments I have completed. I am not wanting to copy or use anyone's assignment just wanting to get reassurance and guidance.

Kind Regards and thank you in advance

Kfiatushek Wed 19-Jul-17 20:06:01

I'm currently finishing CIPD level 5 and would love to have a chat regarding the Employment Law assignment. Anyone able to help???? Pretty please? smile

Crtica1994 Wed 26-Jul-17 15:51:53

Hello all,

I have put my CIPD Level 5 on hold until September but now thinking of taking Level 3 instead as Level 5 seems very confusing and difficult - any suggestions - should I stick with Level 5 go start from the beginning?
Many thanks

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