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Is CIPD Level 5 Certificate/Diploma worth it?

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stressymum73 Wed 14-Oct-15 13:07:19

Wonder if anyone has any thoughts about this? I'll like to return to work in HR after a very long (18 years!) career break. Although I have a degree (Economics) and 7 years' HR experience (last job was HR manager in US multinational), I don't have any CIPD qualifications. I've been looking at temping and HR Admin. jobs to gain current experience and get something on my CV, I've not had any luck after 2-3 months. Does anyone know whether a CIPD Level 5 certificate or diploma would help make me more attractive to recruiters? It costs a lot (£4K+) and I am wondering if it is worth it?

Any opinions or advice would be most welcomed.

HermioneWeasley Wed 14-Oct-15 22:09:59

Lots of job specs do require it, but I think it's a joke qualification and couldn't give a toss if candidates have it or not.

Have you approached them to see if you can get qualified based on your experience?

maggiethemagpie Mon 19-Oct-15 20:25:33

Have you tried short term contracts? It's a great way to get your foot back in the door. I don't think the qualification will add much value to you as a candidate until you get a bit of experience, even at the bottom end. The beauty of temping is that you can progress quite quickly, once you have some experience you can capitalise on that to get your next contract. TBH I think with your last job in HR being 18 years ago you pretty much have to start out again, a lot has changed in 18 years.

TapasGirl Thu 29-Oct-15 09:54:04

I did this a year ago thinking it would improve my chances of gaining a HR role.
Having been out of work a good few years raising the DC I thought it would be a really positive thing to do but I agree with other posters that it is advisable to try to gain the experience within HR.

The qualification demands quite a few hours out of your week and when you're working and have DC's it can be tough. I also paid for it myself, so expensive.

I am really surprised that it hasn't opened more doors (job hunting again now! and am finding the market very competitive.

So with hindsight I probably wouldn't have invested my time and money.

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