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Ideas for induction period

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chickentothefox Thu 08-Oct-15 19:18:32

What are the most useful things to do/learn during an induction process? Trying to put together a good one!

EBearhug Thu 08-Oct-15 22:04:30

What I would have liked, and it's taken me about 10 years to gain, is an understanding of what other departments there are, and how they relate to each other - what work they do, and who they deal with internally.

Also, and idea of major customers and the cycle of business.

Where are the loos, what to do if you need a first aider, how to report fires, the evacuation process.

How to do basic stuff, e.g. when you get paid, reporting sickness, requesting annual leave, expenses, performance management/review process, how the bonus structure works (if there is one), how is pay reviewed, when is it raised, what do you need to do for promotion. Any company benefits, e.g. pension, private health, childcare, bike to work scheme, travel loans, company cars. Training opportunities, especially if there are things like a training assistance payment scheme. Any employee groups, e.g. women's group. Policies on personal internet use, personal phone use, mobile phone use. Any internal social media (email, instant messenger, Jive or other social media platforms), and an overview of the intranet, what information is there, how to navigate it (I would guess in most places these days, some of that will be covered in explaining how to request leave etc.) Where to find the code of conduct/employee handbook/mission statement or anything like that.

If there are new managers/team leaders, you may also need to cover how performance cycles work from a manager's perspective, something on budgeting and finance, how to handle disciplinary issues, how to request accounts and access for new starters, etc.

Also there could be specific health and safety stuff according to the role/business.

How to use online tools etc for specific job roles - that may well be down to individual managers, but they should be told it's required, and for us, there are certain applications you won't be given access to until you've done the initial training.

Obviously the detail will differ massively according to different employers - e.g. a multinational IT services company or a doctor's surgery or a retail store or a school or...

And above all - where to go to remind yourself/find out about all the things you're going to forget about because you don't use it immediately after the induction.

chickentothefox Fri 09-Oct-15 14:53:45

that's fantastic - thanks for taking the time flowers

IWasHereBeforeTheHack Sat 10-Oct-15 23:10:34

EBearHug's is a pretty comprehensive list!

Do you have 'buddies'? Each new person is paired up with a longer-serving member of staff, quite likely from a different team, who can help new people socialise, eg have lunch with them a couple of days, introduce them to other people, etc and generally be an informal extra go-to person to keep them right for the first few weeks.

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