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Being treated unfairly

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yummincepie Wed 07-Oct-15 16:37:30

Need some advice, really don't know how to handle this!

I told my supervisor on the 12th September please do not put me down for overtime on the 17th October, she said this was fine.(she does the rotas)

I noticed when the rota got done she had still put me down so I left her a note to remind her, she has since gone off on sick leave.

I pointed this shift out to my boss last week and told him I had said I couldn't do it, be turned and asked a work colleague if she could cover it, she said No.

The next night when I got to work my boss had a right go at me and said I should of booked that day off as holiday or as unavailabe . I explained over and over again that I had told the Supervisor who does the rota I wasn't available, what more was i suppose to do? My boss just wasn't listening he made me feel like I had done something wrong! He said someone would cover the shift for ME if I did another. I got quite cross about this because I felt he was putting pressure on me and it wasn't my problem, I told him I couldn't do it. By the time I got on my till I was on tears, he knew I was crying he had angered me that much, but he just went home.

My work friend left him a note on Sunday night to say she couldn't do overtime that she's down for on the 31st , he's just took her off it and not said a word to her ( I checked with her ) she had walked in on him having a go at me so knew why I was asking.

I feel like he was picking on me, he seems to have different rules for different staff.

I am working a shift with him tomorrow and really want to say something but don't know how, I've not seen him since he had a go at me.

Any suggestions??

CountryLovingGirl Tue 13-Oct-15 22:14:17

How can they put you down for overtime in the first place? Surely they should ask you first and not just put your name down?

It seems that your boss is in the wrong to me. You clearly said that you were unavailable for overtime. It is his problem, not yours.

What hours/days are you meant to do?

CountryLovingGirl Tue 13-Oct-15 22:14:49

Are you in a union? It may be worth ringing them.

DragonsCanHop Tue 13-Oct-15 22:24:40

Your post is not very clear. Do you have contracted hours with the option of overtime (is over time paid at time or time and half)

Do you have the option to email your supervisor for the days you are available for overtime.

it sounds like the rota isn't written up very fairly, is this the first time you have felt unfairly treated? Tbh it doesn't read as unfair to me, more disorganised and not structured enough needs more perm staff and not relying on the flexibility of overtime

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