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Pregnancy discrimination & unfair dismissal - Employment Tribunal

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NYCmama2012 Thu 01-Oct-15 11:04:21

Hello, I am new to Mumsnet so bear with me please smile

I have suffered awful, nightmarish treatment at the hands of my former employer from the day I found out I was pregnant and in my third trimester he tried to make me redundant. When I told him I felt singled out because of my pregnancy, he accused me of gross misconduct and fired me, just two weeks before I was due to give birth.

After a long, stressful battle, I am taking him to Employment Tribunal. I am just wondering if anyone can give me advice or insights about how to handle the tribunal. My former employer has created elaborate lies about my allegations and I am needless to say disturbed at the extent of his lies. Does anyone have experience with the Tribunal and going up against an employer whose entire argument is based on lies and fabrications to refute your story? Did they do so under oath? And what was the outcome?

Any helpful hints or reassurances would be really appreciated thank you so much!

RNBrie Thu 01-Oct-15 14:55:45

You've not had a response to this NYC and I'm no expert... Do you have a solicitor? If so, they should be advising you on this. If you don't, you probably need one....

NYCmama2012 Thu 01-Oct-15 15:14:46

Yep, I have a barrister.

RNBrie Thu 01-Oct-15 15:18:29

What do they say about counteracting the lies your employer is telling? Do you have any evidence to prove they are lies?

NYCmama2012 Thu 01-Oct-15 15:36:52

They said it's standard for employers to lie; this may seem obvious but no employees admits to harassing pregnant employees. Just want to hear from others who have been through the Employment Tribunal process and to hear what it is like in this regard.

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