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Terrified of public speaking

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CandyCrush77 Wed 30-Sep-15 15:45:11

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but really wanted some advice on this and to see if others are affected by this condition. I have a severe fear of speaking in public. When I say public, it can be any situations at all when I am speaking in front of others, even just one other person. I suddenly become really self-conscious, my mind goes blank and I forget what I am saying. This has affected me throughout my entire career so of the last 20 years and nothing I do seems to help. I've tried hypnotherapy, started counselling (but made me dwell on it even more!) and beta blockers. The beta blockers are really the only think that helps but even then I still get nervous. Seems to be all about the anticipation of speaking when I manage to get myself massively worked up! Oddly enough, I am fine on conference calls and occasionally meetings will go well when I managed to overcome by nerves by distracting myself, but these are are occasions and most the time I dread each meeting and really suffer (panic attacks, wanting to run away etc). Just interested to hear from anyone who has the same fear and how they deal with it.

DragonsCanHop Wed 30-Sep-15 22:03:28

Oh the fear! Yes I k ow it well smile

I take time for myself, just a couple of minutes to concentrate on my breathing and focus on one point on the wall or sink and think about my breathing.

I then find a friendly face in the group and talk to them, sweep my eyes over the top of the group and try not to talk to fast.

I had to do this for years a while and now I'm confidente in groups of 20 ish and on the spot meetings with people I've not met before with eye contact.

I still constantly worry about how I come across and what others think about me but I'm just faking it till I make it really and I believe lots of others are as well!

Chottie Sat 03-Oct-15 07:23:21

Huge sympathies from me too flowers

I find it difficult too. My top tips would be:

Smile when you are introduced, people do respond to a smile and it lightens the atmosphere in the room

Don't speak too fast, slow down and leave a moment between sentences

Let your eyes sweep slowly over the room and don't focus on individuals

I tell myself, I can do it. And I can.

VashtaNerada Sat 03-Oct-15 07:36:53

It is possible to get better at this, as it is with any skill. But it's also worth thinking about the kind of job you want to be doing if it's affecting you to this extent. Life's too short to spend time upset about this when there's jobs out there where public speaking isn't an issue.

diana97 Wed 03-Feb-16 15:27:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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