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2016m Fri 25-Sep-15 09:05:55

I'm in a bit of a mess atm I'm 23 weeks pregnant I've been signed off work for 3 weeks but I absolutely hate my job the management is terrible and while iv been off iv had no contact with them, I'm due to go back in a weeks time but I really want to just start my maternity as early as possible take 12 months off and look for another job while I'm off. Can anyone give me some advice? Is it a good idea? Is the earliest I can take 11 weeks from my due date? I work for the NHS if that makes a difference

RatherBeRiding Fri 25-Sep-15 17:25:38

I sympathise - I left the NHS after 18 years because of unbearable stress. I would contact your HR department asap to clarify when is the earliest you can take maternity leave. To plug the gap I would ask your GP to extend your sick leave - explain how stressed you are, that it is making you unwell, poor sleep, poor appetite, anxious all the time etc etc and that you are planning to take maternity leave as soon as you can. I am sure your GP will be willing to sign you off sick.

If you absolutely HAVE to go back, just go with the attitude that you are "working your notice" - no-one has to know that you have no intention of going back - and smile sweetly and count down the days!

QforCucumber Fri 25-Sep-15 17:29:06

Be careful though, if you get enhanced maternity pay they can claim it back off you if you don't return after maternity leave. I think the nhs do pay more than smp.

Millionairerow Fri 25-Sep-15 23:01:29

I was in private sector and has issues like this. You're prob more stressed than you think. Try to make the convo work in your favour and make it to 29 weeks ( or take your holiday early if you can). I got a job np but try and keep your cool. Good luck with new baby. More important than work!

Pico2 Fri 25-Sep-15 23:13:27

If you have a nice GP the they may be willing to sign you off beyond 29 weeks so that you don't use up your maternity leave.

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