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Changes to employment legislation and overtime.

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hugoagogo Sat 12-Sep-15 20:44:28

I am contracted to work X days a week. I also work other shifts as and when I am needed at my convenience, no obligation and I get paid my usual hourly rate for the work I do. This suits me fine.

My line manager tells me that there are changes the law in the pipeline that might mean that in the future these extra hours might have to be included in my contract.

Does anyone have any idea how this is likely work?

balletgirlmum Sat 12-Sep-15 20:50:28

I work in payroll in an industry where overtime is common.

I suspect its to do with clamping down on how holiday entitlement is calculated & also on how pension contributions will be determined under auto enrolment.

For example we as a company have chosen to base the percentage contribution on normal hours only, not overtime. But we have to keep records & if the aggregate of overtime worked goes over a set percentage we have to pay in more.

People on 0 hours contracts seem to lose out on holiday pay etc & the govt are wanting to clamp down (& rightly so) on that.

hugoagogo Sat 12-Sep-15 20:57:18

Yes, I told it had to do with 0 hours contracts.

Does that mean that the changes are likely to be confined to holiday entitlement, pension contributions and so on, rather than working hours and pay?

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