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When should I mention that I want to work P/T?

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DollyFlop Mon 07-Sep-15 15:01:28

I have a job interview next week - civil service type job. The job is advertised as being a full time position, although open to part time workers or job sharers.

I would prefer to work part time as have young child, although wouldn't be fatal if I had to work full time, as it is flexi working.

When is an appropriate time to ask about part time working? I don't know if I should mention it in the interview - would it look presumptuous?? But I also wonder if it might look a bit duplicitous if I got the job, and then told them they weren't getting as many hours as they thought?

I am a bit panicked about this interview - I haven't had one for years!

Pippin8 Mon 07-Sep-15 17:58:33

I think ask at the end, when they ask if you have any questions.

Just say I noted from the advert that part time & job share applicants were welcome, are part time hours currently possible?
Good Luck!

StandoutMop Mon 07-Sep-15 18:01:20

Definitely mention at interview. Another candidate may also be looking and they could appoint you both, so 2 p-t roles, or a job share, if they know.

OllyBJolly Tue 08-Sep-15 13:58:49

I would advise not declaring your hand too early on.

At first interview, you could say something very generic and neutral along the lines of "You mentioned on the ad that this could be a part time role. How would you see that working?" This should give you some insight into their preferences and selection criteria.

The time to negotiate hours and conditions etc is when you have the offer, or at least as late in the process as possible. Ask too early, before you have made your mark, you are likely to be written off. Put the idea forward once you're the preferred candidate, it's more likely to happen.

Best of luck

poocatcherchampion Tue 08-Sep-15 21:29:52

I agree with ollybjolly. I've just applied for a job and want part time. That was my plan. However the application form asked if I was applying on a part time basis so I couldn't lie and said "I would like to work fewer than 5 days a week, but am prepared to be flexible about how this might work to meet the demands of the role". Fingers crossed that means I'll get through this stage. But I guess it will then be discussed at interview too.

DollyFlop Sat 12-Sep-15 10:35:18

Thank you for your input and support. I have had my interview (unsurprisingly, no way as bad as I expected).

I did as suggested and mentioned it briefly at the end. He wrote something down - tried my best but couldn't see what it was wink and just said that there were loads of combinations of hours, to be discussed if I get an offer.

So, thanks again for the help star

poocatcherchampion Sat 12-Sep-15 14:07:42

Let us know when you hear.

Im stl waiting to hear about interviews

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