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Overpaid at work will they accept a payment plan

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Pixie1975 Mon 31-Aug-15 11:04:10

i left my last job on the 5th August after being off sick for 2 months with depression and a new diagnosis of bipolar and no support from them. This Friday was payday and I expected 5 days owing to me and 6 days overtime, I checked my bank and nothing, called payroll who were useless then got in a panic as need to buy school uniform etc. On Saturday morning get a letter from previous employer saying they had been overpaying me since April ( their mistake) and want their money back ASAP. They have already taken the money owed from this months wages and I still owe £980. I have no qualms paying them back as by the look of it I was paid extra but I can't afford it right now, will they accept a payment plan or do they expect it back in one go? Any advise would be wonderful, thank you

WhatsGoingOnEh Mon 31-Aug-15 11:06:28

See a solicitor for a free 30-min consultation. Get one who knows about employment law. I'm serious - this is a legal issue. You can have a phone consultation if it's easier.

JustOneMinuteAtATime Mon 31-Aug-15 11:08:53

Did you post about this last night too?

If so, it really is a good idea to get legal advice - you mentioned before that the overpayment had occurred because they cut your hours without your consent, and you had worked the original hours, so there may not be a legal overpayment to recover.

If there is, a solicitor will help you to negotiate a payment plan that is fair for everyone, but get advice first - this is dodgy.

Pixie1975 Mon 31-Aug-15 11:20:04

I posted it on another forum. I will do just that and talk to CAB, sadly not in a union.

JustOneMinuteAtATime Mon 31-Aug-15 11:34:30

Ahh okay, sorry blush.

Definitely make sure that you owe it first, you'll have a hard time negotiating with them if it seems that you've already accepted that you were overpaid. I think they are trying their luck, and they probably aren't entitled to the money back if they;
A - changed your hours without your consent, and then
B- you worked your agreed hours and they paid you for them.

There's a few legal experts around who can probably advise more, but definitely seek advice from a solicitor/CAB, too.

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