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Budget cut forcing office move but what can we afford? Advice please on low-cost office solutions

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MrsRossPoldark Fri 28-Aug-15 16:04:31

We are a local charitable trust currently based in shared, serviced offices. We have just been told by our directors that,as our office rent seems to be exactly the amount they need to save, that we must find alternative office solutions, in order to help cut our expenditure by 25% [sic] next year.

There is, seemingly, absolutely nothing out there that we can afford. We have to be town-centre based which instantly adds to the costs, as our clients need us to be central so they can actually come in to see us. They are vulnerable adults and families trying to avoid eviction and debts problems so we have to ensure that we are accessible. I have seen some offices that charge per person, but as we are largely on the road, staff varies between no-one in the office [I am their p-t Administrator so am not in all the time], to a maximum of 6, if the manager, myself and the support workers are all in.

I can be home-based so I am going to suggest that I work from home. I have a printer/scanner/computer at home anyway, so as long as they contribute to running costs and continue to pay my salary, that's fine, but not an ideal solution.

At the moment, if they need to come in to the office when I'm not there, they can, but if I am home-based, they obviously can't come knocking at my door at all hours to get their printing/scanning done, nor to access the main computer files.

Is there a way round this? Can we rent e.g. a one-man office [essentially me & my desk, I suppose] with a printer available for them, without being charged 'per person'?

Any ideas would be gratefully received! I have asked a few local charities that we have close relationships with but they either have all their office spaces rented out already, or are closing due to swingeing budget cuts in the social sector.

Makes me so angry as we are extremely busy and can only see our services being more desparately needed as this corrupt government continues to villify and persecute those less fortunate, while we are trying to do more and more with less and less. Another thread entirely there!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 28-Aug-15 16:10:10

Can you apply for any funding?

Are you able to say which town - in which case locals might be able to help?

One thought is,.could you come to an agreement with a local library? They often have rooms to rent etc, and if you are a mobile charity you could actually move around libraries which could make it easier for your service users.

user1491893435 Tue 11-Apr-17 07:58:15

Since you are already using a serviced offices, why don't you look for some affordable and inexpensive serviced office according to your business requirements. Now a days, serviced offices are available as the way we want and we only have to pay for the things we use. Do some research over nearby options or via Internet,, etc. My friend has also recently to his new serviced office he rented from Serviced Offices International at an affordable cost with attractive and beneficial additional services.

AgentProvocateur Tue 11-Apr-17 08:23:48

Quite often, other charities rent some of their office space. If you're in Glasgow, I could give you some ideas.

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