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DBS Check

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stuckinahole Tue 25-Aug-15 14:39:59

Does anyone know if a DBS check is required for working in recruitment or if they do any other background checks?

2Retts Tue 25-Aug-15 15:05:16

Here is the location of the actual list provided by the DBS and it also mentions how to challenge a request to make an application if you feel it is not relevant to your role.

(I've not made it clickable, I think you'd be better off copying and pasting for now)

2Retts Tue 25-Aug-15 15:05:51

Ok, I definitely didn't make it clickable...

stuckinahole Tue 25-Aug-15 15:56:45

Thank you! You DID make it clickable smile

stuckinahole Wed 26-Aug-15 13:04:02

If a person was to to be offered & accepted a role in recruitment (within RPO) and they had a police caution (not criminal) less than 5 years ago - would this automatically stop the person from starting the job? Also, does the background check show what the caution was for?

prh47bridge Wed 26-Aug-15 17:58:44

The DBS check will show what the caution was for.

I don't understand your comment that the caution was not criminal. Cautions are only issued for criminal offences.

Whether or not this would bar you from the job is up to the employer.

JustOneMinuteAtATime Wed 26-Aug-15 18:01:14

As prh47 says, all cautions are criminal.

It would depend what the caution was for, and what explanation was provided. It'd also matter how relevant the caution is to the job that's being applied for.

The DBS will have what the caution was, and there is a space for the relevant police force to add any additional information that they feel is relevant, too.

BuckBuckBuckBuckBuck Wed 26-Aug-15 18:09:17

You want to google DBS filtering rules. If you are likely to fail DBSthey'll usually contact you to discuss first as it's a better process to address it then than waiting for you to dispute it, if circumstances might've relevant. Cert is sent to you, not direct to employer so you can decide whether to continue with apical ion then.

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