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Too late for tribunal claim?

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rockybalboa Tue 18-Aug-15 00:02:54

If there are any employment lawyers reading:

DH earns sales commission. His contract says he gets 15% of the commission due at one point and then the remaining 85% at another later point (both are fixed lengths of time after a certain stage in the transaction) He was due the 15% in October and then the 85% in April. Neither payment has been made following various emails from on high citing delay due to financial issues. He has now been given a payment schedule splitting the payments over the next 4 months wages payments. However, he has been offered another job and wants to resign. Where does he stand legally regarding these outstanding payments? If they were due in Oct and April he is outside the 3 month tribunal limit for claiming I believe (based on info given by ACAS a few weeks ago before the newly offered payment plan was on the table).

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