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Bored of the hamster wheel that is my working life !

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JBoogie86 Mon 17-Aug-15 13:26:31

So I am 28, I have a lovely family and a nice home, we are ttc DC#2 and have been so for 6 months . The trouble is , I'm bored with my working life -

I'm bored with commuting 45 mins every morning and evening to job which gives me very little satisfaction with a wage that barely covers my outgoings and leaves me with very little each month. I'm tired of sitting at a desk all day and just feeling like I'm on a hamster wheel - the trouble is , putting sensible head on I will be entitled to Mat leave if I stay , but I will need to return for 3 months, without knowing how long it will take to conceive I could be waiting another 6 or so months ? If I left and I fell pregnant , I would let my new employer down and would be entitled to nothing ?
I'm very realistic and understand that work isn't always enjoyable but I actually spend more time here then I do with my family some weeks so I don't see why I cant find something that I enjoy a tad more ? Also without knowing what it is I want to do and with know qualifications as such I'm just a bit lost ?? I just hate the Monday morning feeling and the constant being on a wheel of it all ? Has anyone been in this situation or has any ideas as to what you would possible do in this situation ?

lilyb84 Mon 17-Aug-15 15:47:30

I sympathise OP, am not enjoying my job at all but being currently pregnant am a bit stuck. If you did get a new job, you'd be entitled to maternity allowance but I guess it depends how good your mat leave benefits are at your current employer?

I'd say your happiness and fulfilment are more important than worrying about letting down a new employer should you fall pregnant shortly after getting a new job (or even before). After all, you'd be going back a much happier person after your mat leave than you will be at your current job!

However if money's an issue and you really need the mat leave you'd be entitled to currently it's perhaps worth sticking around... but is there any chance of injecting some new life into your current role, giving yourself some new challenges, or at the very least trying to balance your work / home life so you're not regularly spending more time at work than with your family?

JBoogie86 Tue 18-Aug-15 13:02:27

Thank you lilyb84 , it's really tuff isn't it! I've spoken with my manager and the trouble is in my position there is no progression. We are under staffed but without the budget to recruit so I'm left doing the job of 2 people and both are jobs which I really don't enjoy. I've tried all sorts to improve my role but the bottom line is I'm stuck in an office from 8.30 each morning feeling really fed up.

My partner and I have worked out the mat leave at my current employer , and tbh its nothing special, just standard leave etc. We have discussed putting a bit of money aside starting from this month so that if I do find a new job and I'm not entitled then we would have a bit of a buffer.

Injecting some new life is definitely what's needed - I just need to figure out what it is that's going to make me feel like I've achieved something each day?

I appreciate you response , thank you !

lilyb84 Tue 18-Aug-15 15:20:54

If it's just standard then personally I'd say just go for it. What will be will be - I've read plenty of threads on here where people have literally only been in jobs for a few days before finding out they're pregnant, or even applying for new jobs while pregnant. At the end of the day you have rights as an employee regardless of the timing, and if you're struggling that much with work it's probably not worth hanging around.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and of course with ttc DC #2! flowers

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