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Accepted position, signed contract, but have interview for another role...

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DLCC Mon 10-Aug-15 20:26:17

Hi there

I was made redundant last year after being at same global co for 8 years, the whole site closed and all staff were made redundant. I had a part time job share position with all the benefits, pension, life assurance, private medical etc. A week after leaving I started contracting part time, 3 days a week, being a contract role there have been no benefits. The contract is coming to an end so I have been looking for a perm, part time role, which are like gold dust. I am a single mother with two DC's, 10 & 6, not that this really makes a difference but I have a mortgage and bills to pay with no partner to help me.

I was offered a perm, part time position two weeks ago in an industry I have never worked in before, a family run business with 14 employees, it's a newly created role which I could really make my own, however the only benefits are 20 days holiday and a stakeholder pension. Six weeks before applying for the role I've been offered I applied for a position very similar to the one I got made redundant from, same industry, same duties etc. I chased the agency on a weekly basis as I was really keen on the role but they kept saying the position hadn't had sign off from the global HQ etc etc, so I carried on applying for jobs. TWO DAYS after accepting the job I've got I get a call from the agency saying the global co want to see me for an interview (which is tomorrow), the job is the same as I did before but the benefits are fantastic, 27 days holiday, great pension, private health, life assurance, long term disability insurance. I know I'm jumping the gun and I may not be offered it, but what if I am? I am due to start week today at the other one and have signed the contract, the contract states that less than a months notice neither party have to give any notice at all. Can they hold me to starting? as I said, I may not even be offered the other one, but if I am I'm not sure whether the contract is enforceable? I wouldn't want to start the other one and having them train me and pay the agency fee then me go off and leave, I'd rather just not start. The length of time this other place have taken to get back to me though, makes me wonder how long it would take them to offer? I can't afford to be out of work for more than a week...

Many thanks in advance...

DLCC Mon 10-Aug-15 20:27:48

Sorry I meant to say, less than a months service, no notice is required from either party..

Lagoonablue Mon 10-Aug-15 20:33:30

Tough dilemma. Have the interview and then see. If you get it.....well you seem to want it so take it. They won't do anything about it though probably won't be best pleased. Remember these organisations are there to make money.....your previous company probably didn't agonise over making you redundant. They had to do what they could to stay afloat. You need to do the best by your family.

Good luck.

MissLegal02 Wed 12-Aug-15 14:33:58

If you have signed the contract with the Company you are due to start with them you would be breaching the contract if you do honour it. However, in this instance, as there is no notice then there is no loss so there is little the Company could do about it.

You could even start and then if you are offered the other role, give in your notice which as long as you have less than one month's service will mean you can leave immediately.

DoreenLethal Wed 12-Aug-15 16:33:36

Proceed with the job you have been offered, start that job and if you get offered another one, hand your notice in. Just like in any job.

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