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can someone check these figures

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excitednana Mon 10-Aug-15 14:02:28

trying to work out my daughter statutory maternity pay ( she's asked me to ) and not sure if I'm doing it right ?
baby is due 18th October , she finishes on 2nd October
she earns £17000 a year ( £1416 a month )
can you let me know what figures it comes out as and does she have to pay tax on it ?
she's been there 4 years and gets paid monthly on the last day of every month

Ellypoo Mon 10-Aug-15 14:24:15

Well from that calculator, her gross earnings will be:
October: £1261.03
November: £863.33
December: £618.15
January: £618.15
February: £578.27
March: £618.15
April: £598.21
May: £618.15
June £598.21.

Yes, SMP is subject to tax & NIC, but she may get a refund if she has paid too much tax in the tax year to date, as the annual personal allowance is spread evenly over the full year, but she won't be earning at above the threshold for the full year.

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