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Accepting a job then pulling out if you get a better offer?

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runningLou Fri 07-Aug-15 21:40:30

Just speculating/wishful thinking really but have got myself in a tizzy. Don't like current job, so have applied for several new ones. Had an interview back in July but unsuccessful. However, as a result my current role has reduced my hours and made things more flexible (one of the reasons I wasn't enjoying work). I have 2 applications currently ongoing and current employer isn't aware. I have an interview next week, and am also crossing my fingers I get an interview for another one - closing date was yesterday. I am just wondering now what to do if I were (unlikely) to be offered job A while waiting to hear about an interview for job B ... could I accept then pull out later if offered job B down the line? Should I let my employer know now about the fact that I'm still looking? Of course, I may be offered neither!!! So don't want to rock the boat ...
Hope this is understandable, my head is a mess!!

waddleandtoddle Fri 07-Aug-15 21:49:03

Don't tell current company you're interviewing. Be honest. Tell those you are interviewing with that you have interest from another company and they are interviewing you on xy date. Don't worry. Go to all interviews and work out whats best for you. Until you sign a contract you're a free agent. Secondly, companies are so busy making contract rules to suit them, that even in your first month of joining a company, a notice period is a day!

CountryLovingGirl Sat 08-Aug-15 22:24:31

Look after yourself!
I wouldn't tell the present employer I was having interviews. If Job B was better than Job A (that you had accepted) then take it. Look after yourself!

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