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Advice needed - interview

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plinkin Thu 06-Aug-15 14:24:51


I have a bit of a small dilemma currently. I've applied for a job that I really would like and have been asked to attend an interview which I've over the moon about! However, the interview is for the 17th August and I'm not due back from holiday until the 20th. hmm

What would be the best way to reply to them and see if I could possibly move the interview to the day when I'm home?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you! smile

joopy79 Thu 06-Aug-15 20:53:05

How have they asked you to reply to the invite to interview, phone or email?
I hate telephoning so I would probably write an email asking if there was the possibility of changing the date of the interview due to a holiday.
Good luck!

EBearhug Thu 06-Aug-15 22:02:16

I'd start by asking if it's possible to move it. It usually would be with us, within reason.

If they are insistent - is there any possibility you can come home a few days early, if you really want the job?

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