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Worried my job will be given to someone else

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welshlady2014 Tue 04-Aug-15 19:31:50

I was signed off sick for 2 weeks and on friday i am due back at work. I sprained my wrist and damaged some nerves. My job involves using my hands a lot my wrist is still not 100% so will have to do another role for a few weeks.
Im worried about telling my manager this and feel like she will try and make me change my role saying it best for my health tom change departments.
I really enjoy my current role and work hard at it, can my manager change my role because of sickness?

MissLegal02 Wed 05-Aug-15 14:59:57

No - they cannot change your role while you are off sick or due to your temporary sickness.

Make sure you get a letter from your doctor which explains your injury and what duties you are able to do if any until you have recovered and your prognosis for recovery. You can then do these duties until you are better or stay off sick if that is the Dr's recommended course of action.

Your employer may get someone else may carry out your duties in the meantime, but once you are confirmed fit to work in your old role, you should return to your usual job.

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