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Advice re contract

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Millionairerow Mon 03-Aug-15 22:39:38

Going for a new job I feel I could get. It would be as head of dept so a lot more responsibility and more travelling. Can anyone advise re expectations of salary expectations when taking more responsibility? I've also heard folk at a certain level should negotiate an exit clause in case of being got rid of. Anyone got advice on this? I am main breadwinner at home so can't really afford being left high and dry but ready for a new challenge

flowery Tue 04-Aug-15 08:47:00

Not sure how anyone here could advise on salary expectations - was there no indication of salary level/range on the job ad?

What do you mean by an "exit clause". More senior roles usually have a longer notice period, if that's what you mean? It's unlikely the terms of the contract will have much room for negotiation tbh

elfofftheshelf Tue 04-Aug-15 09:32:12

Unless the job you are going for is Board or Executive Committee level it is highly unlikely that you will be offered an employment contract that includes special exit terms. As a head of dept you may have a longer notice period (anything up to 6 months is pretty common) depending on the business / sector.

As Flowery has pointed out, there is not much we can say on salary. Presumably you have an idea of the market rate for the job? That should be your starting point (unless obvs. this is indicated on the job ad / via the recruiter).

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