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ANy tax experts out there? Changed job mid year - tax code query

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lifeisforliving49 Mon 03-Aug-15 11:37:10

Hello. Posting on behalf of my sister. She started a job at the beginning of this year (January 2015). This was a short term contract for a local authority. She has been on their bank system for a number of years. She became aware that due to cuts they are not offering renewals of bank contracts and so she looked for something else.

She left bank position end of June and started new post elsewhere 2nd week in July. The bank position was full-time (37.5 hrs) and new position is part-time (20hours).

She has been taxed on new post at tax code OT. She has phoned payroll for new employer and they told her she has to get P45 or notification from HMRC. She has phoned old employer - and they have stated not issuing P45 as they are still keeping her on bank (But as inactive) - even though she has given notice. She then phoned HMRC and they have said they will give new employer a code of 1060 (or something like that) - but that this will be on a week 1 basis - as she hasnt got P45.

she seems to think that as her earnings have now halved - she should get some tax back from April to JUne when she was working full time. She can't seem to get a straight answer from anybody.

Oh - her earnings in full time post - 25000 per annum (she worked 3 full months - so gross earnings approx 5500) *She said shepaid about £750 tax*

Earnings in new part-time post - £13100 per annum - but she only started beginning of july - so she thinks total earnings will be about 9800 * so far she has paid over £200 tax on first months earnings*

Any suggestions how she can resolve this - she has made numerous phone calls to each employer and HMRC - and is driving me crazy moaning about this wink

Obviously as she has reduced hours and income she is keen to get her hands on any tax owed.

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