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Work going downhill

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Millionairerow Sun 02-Aug-15 18:36:20

Enjoy working usually but we've had a lot of things happen. I was promoted in April which was overdue for me but we've had to cope with loss of staff, acquisition of another company with more senior folk so the feel of dept is very different, a strong focus on consultants being billable and now career remapping where my staff have all been downgraded and will lose benefits such as car allowance and bonus levels they previously had. We now have had 3 folk leaving which means more work for everyone else. The feel of the place has become really cut throat and now the head of dept has offered a job which is a promotion with little experience despite me stating my reservations. There is a job advertised which I'm v suitable for which im applying for, but in a quandary. The place of work is just not the place I joined. Is it time to go?

Tucktalking Mon 03-Aug-15 00:09:23

I read somewhere that you need to find another job when you are well settled and doing well in the one you already have. My sister hated her present job. I advised her to move on. She found a better one. Much better.

No harm in going for an interview and looking at what awaits you. Good luck.

lazycoo Mon 03-Aug-15 11:47:19

It's definitely time to start looking, and that'll help you decide whether it's time to go. Put your feelers out there. All the recent goings-on at your work will have given you additional experience in managing change which new employers might like.

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